How to Save Money on Restaurant Costs

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The success of your business is dependent on the quality of your food and service, but being good only at what you’re selling is not always enough to guarantee sustainability.

The bottom line is that your bottom line is a hostage to your skill in business. How adept are you (or can you become) at accounting for every penny to balance the books?

Having the ability to control costs to maximise profits is particularly important in the food service industry; an industry that attributes a high proportion of revenue to expenditure.

On average, food service businesses across the industry spent 52.5% (excluding rent) of total revenues on costs during the year ending September 2017, according to trade association UK Hospitality.

With profit margins thinning out progressively across a crowded market place, there’s never been a better time to review your costs to identify the potential for cost efficiencies.

To help you on your way, we’ve compiled our list of 20 top cost-savings ideas that could add up to some significant long term savings.

We’ve split our list of cost-saving strategies across seven main areas of your business to help you save money on:

Where possible, we have quantified the savings that could be made when one of the ideas is actioned so you can measure the benefits against your bottom line.

By Patrick James

“Uniting my passions for writing and food to keep you up to date with the latest foodservice and catering industry hot topics.”


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