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How To Dispose Of Your Old Kitchen Knives

12:22 pm

Tsuki Knives laid flat on weathered table

Knives are currently a hot topic in the media as debates continue over the offensive weapons bill. But another frequently asked question is: 'How Do You Dispose of Your Kitchen Knives?' And more importantly, how can you do this safely?

Though it is possible to discard knives in the bin if thoroughly wrapped, this is far from the only way to part with your old knives.


Arguably the best thing you can do with your old knives is give them to someone who will still get some use out of them. This could be a charity shop, professional knife sharpener or a website such as Freecycle (there are many alternatives). If choosing the latter option, just take care to confirm the recipient's age to satisfy any legal requirements.

You can also 'surrender' your knife by delivering it to a knife amnesty bin. Check with your local police station for more details.


The steel of your knife's blade can be melted down and re-used. But recycling is the last of the three R's - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

This means if you can find a way to re-purpose the knife instead, you'll be making a more valued contribution to energy saving. Stainless steel is still an attractive material to any recycling facility due to its valuable elements including chromium, nickel and molybdenum.


Finally, if you must discard your knives they will need to be heavily wrapped and secured to avoid any potential injury during bin collections.

Start by wrapping the knife using paper, bubble wrap, cardboard or Styrofoam. Secure the wrapping with tape and place a cork on the tip of the blade if possible. Next, find a puncture-proof container for the knives and mark it clearly with 'Caution: Sharp'. You can then place the container into your refuse. 

Never a Dull Moment

Don't chuck out your knife set just yet! How are the edges of each blade? As the edge becomes blunted you will notice a drop-off in performance, but that doesn't mean they are beyond salvage. To restore a completely blunt edge, you'll need an abrasive diamond steel, which needn't break the bank.

Alternatively, take advantage of our current offers on chef knives and bring a fresh set to the table.


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