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Two bare light bulbs hanging in empty restaurant or cafe

Now the clocks have gone back and the days are getting darker, it’s time to add a little light back into your life – and your restaurant.

Lighting is about more than just helping people see what’s in front of them. It’s important for setting the mood, creating ambience and generating the atmosphere that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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Ensure your décor is to dine for by following these 4 simple steps…

1. Your Kitchen Should be Sufficiently Lit

Preparing food in a poorly lit kitchen is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, proper lighting is essential if you want to achieve Michelin star results.

This should include the right level of light, free from glare and reflections. The recommended illuminance level for a commercial kitchen’s general working area is 160 lux. Lux is the international system of unit (SI) for illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area. For food preparation, cooking and washing areas the luminance should be 240 lux. Dessert presentations and cake decorating require 400-800 lux.

We stock a range of bulbs from 1.5W (a typical 40W light bulb provides around 400 lumens of brightness) to 50W flood lights.

Staff safety and food quality is of the utmost importance, so kitchen-area lighting must accommodate to this need. Use infrared bulbs and heat lamps such as the Buffalo 250W Shatterproof Infrared Heat Lamp ES to keep your food at the perfect temperature.

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Two chefs working in a well lit kitchen wearing chef whites


2. Use Light to Control Your Customers Mood

When eating out, more and more people are after an experience, so you need to concentrate on elements such as lighting to make a lasting, positive impression. People like reliability, with 70% of restaurant customers making repeat visits, so they will generally stick to what they know and like. All the more reason to make a good first impression.

Studies have long suggested that the way a room is lit can significantly influence how quickly food is consumed and how much it is enjoyed.

Depending on your company’s goal, you need to tailor the brightness of your lightening to suit this. For example, if you want a quick turn-over time then bright lights and colours will encourage quick service and consumption. However, if your aim is to provide a lengthier dining experience and for your customers to stay longer, this can be achieved through softer tones and dimmer lights.

A recent study revealed that 52% of customers preferred ‘low’ lighting, with candlelight receiving 18% of votes. This specialised lighting can be acquired through the use of products such as Industville’s Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light Pewter 4", with its caged design providing perfect bar and restaurant lighting by cascading light evenly across the space. This will also add a touch of grandeur for a relaxed atmosphere.

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Women smiling with eyes closed eating pasta at a table


3. Choose the Right Bulb

For the right lighting you need the right bulb.

According to energy consumption guidelines, LED bulbs are the preferred type of bulb for commercial use. In recent years new LEDs have been released and updated, with more attention being paid to the quality and tone to light production, particularly Industville’s very own LED filaments bulbs.

Good news too, LEDs will help you save money and reduce maintenance time. For example our STATUS LED GLS Energy Saving Bulb Edison Screw 9W bulb is equivalent to 60W. This means you will save on power by up to 90%, with an average bulb life of 25000 hours.

Also, try reflecting light off of wood surfaces rather than metal or glass for a warmer effect.

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large bare circular bulb brightly lit


4. Keep up With the Trends 

Lighting likes to follow trends as much as the next appliance, so keep an eye out for popular fittings and fixtures appearing on your competitor’s ceilings.

Lately, current trends have returned to basics with the emergence of retro-look lighting and vintage styles. Industville offer just this with its industrial trend aesthetic, providing lights with exposed bulbs such as the Sleek Edison Wall Light Copper and rustic metallic fixtures like the Old Factory Pendant Pewter and Brass with Light Pewter Holder 12" for a touch of jazz-age style.

Compliment these industrial styles with a mixture of softer finishes, such as brass, copper and pewter for a varied look.

Dark vintage light shade and lit bulb hanging in window

By now you should have your kitchens properly lit, your low lighting at optimal level and those new LED bulbs setting the mood; all of which is displayed in your 1920s inspired fitting.

Get this right and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards. At the end of the day, proper lighting can make your food look more appealing – which ultimately results in longer dining sessions and larger orders.

Lighting should be at the top of your list when improving or starting your business - let us help you get equipped.


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