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Know an Outstanding Kitchen Porter? Here's a Chance to Show Your Appreciation

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Kitchen Porters are a vital part of the team, and any kitchen would struggle without one. Yet with a natural focus on serving and producing brilliant food, KPs are sometimes overlooked by chefs and wait staff.

Here’s your chance to give your KP the recognition they deserve.

National Kitchen Porter Day

National KP day on 22nd June celebrates the incredible contribution that kitchen porters make in kitchens up and down the country.

The day gives you a chance to show your KP that you appreciate all their hard work. Make an event of it and put up some decorations. Cook up a special meal for him or her. Help them out with the clean down and go home at the same time.

Take some pictures and post them on social media with the hashtag #KPDay and the pics will be uploaded on to the official KP gallery at www.KPoftheyear.com.

For every Tweet, warewasher specialist Winterhalter will donate £1 (up to a maximum of £1,000) to unemployment charity Springboard. There’s also a mystery prize for the kitchen team judged for going the extra mile to celebrate their kitchen porter. 

KP of the Year

Organised by Winterhalter and hospitality magazine The Caterer, National KP Day gives you a chance to partake in the ‘KP of the year’ award which offers brilliant prizes for your KP and for your establishment.

By nominating your KP and explaining why they deserve to win this fantastic award, he or she could win:

- £1,000 cash for the winner
- A celebratory meal in the Casual Dining restaurant of the winner's choice, with friends, family and colleagues.
- A Winterhalter warewasher worth up to £8,000, or alternative Winterhalter equipment up to the same value, for the KP's place of work.
- Everyone who is entered receives an exclusive KP of the Year presentation tin and apron, created by Oliver Harvey
- Two runners up receive £250 cash each

The deadline for KP of the year entries is 3 August 2018. Applicants will be judged by a panel of industry experts, with the winner announced in October 2018.

Hard work

KPs work hard. Everyone knows it. Standing on your feet all day, up to your elbows in dirty water, trying to scrape that last burnt bit off…

Sponsoring KP of Year, Winterhalter have a range of excellent cleaning equipment that make the life of a KP a whole lot easier. 

This spray on degreaser from Winterhalter is a highly effective cleaner and degreaser for the cleaning of all catering equipment.

This professional cleaning agent acts fast on caramelised grease deposits without the need for hot water. Simply spray and wipe for amazing results, perfect for fast and effective cleaning in commercial kitchens.

Winterhalter also specialise in commercial dishwashers and glasswashers. What better way to celebrate National KP Day than with a new machine? If your dishwasher is an old model, your KP will surely appreciate the innovative technology of a Winterhalter machine.

Explore our full range of cleaning supplies, from blue roll and bleach to mops and buckets.

Get involved

Now in its sixth year, Nation KP Day has gathered huge momentum over the last five years, attracting hundreds of entries across all sectors of hospitality.

So get involved now and don’t miss out on this great chance to give your KP some much deserved credit.

By Nick Adams

"Whether enjoying a traditional classic in my favourite gastropub, or savouring the salivating tastes of a summertime cocktail, there’s nothing I like better than discovering new food and drink." 


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