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VIDEO: How to make a Rum Breezer - Tom Dyer's Monthly Cocktail Recipes #1

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In the first instalment of our monthly cocktail recipe blog, award-winning flair bartender Tom Dyer guides you through the steps required to make a delicious, summery rum breezer.

Despite being coordinator of the World Flair Association grading system, and training over 1000 bartenders across the globe, Tom's recipe for an exquisite rum breezer is incredibly easy to make -  thanks to the inclusion of the ODK Coconut puree. A favourite of bartenders all over, these ODK purees boast a superb three-month shelf life, incredible convenience and a fresh taste that will delight.

So, what do you need to make a sumptous rum breezer?

Rum Breezer Ingredients

10ml ODK Coconut Puree Hurricane Glass
37.5ml Rum Spirit Pourer
12.5ml Malibu Rum Bar Spoon
12.5ml Lemon Juice (Half a Lemon) Cocktail Napkin
6-7 Mint Leaves Ice Scoop
1 Mint SprigBar Knife
1 Lime Wedge Bar Chopping Board
Dash of Ginger Beer Lemon Juicer
Cubed Ice


  • Fill half of your hurricane glass with ice.
  • Add your rum and Malibu rum to the glass.
  • Tear your mint leaves and add them to the drink.
  • Squeeze half of a lemon into the glass using your lemon juicer. 
  • Add the ODK coconut puree to the cocktail.
  • Vigorously stir the glass with your bar spoon. Placing a napkin over the top of the glass will help to prevent spills when mixing. 

  • Add ice cubes all the way to the top of the glass.
  • Churn the glass once more with the bar spoon. Again, ensure you keep the napkin placed over the top.
  • Top the glass with a dash of ginger beer.
  • Add a few more ice cubes to the top of the glass.
  • Garnish with the mint sprig.
  • Cut and place your wedge of lime onto the rim of the glass and serve.


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