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How To (Officially) Be A World Beater

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Maybe it’s a special promotion. Maybe you've got fantastic service. Perhaps you’ve got a dedicated fan base on social media. Whatever it is that you do, it’s important to be the first name on people’s lips when it’s time to eat. If there’s one sure-fire way to bring success though, it’s being - officially - the top of the pileHow?


Aside from being the #1 rated restaurant or café on TripAdvisor, there’s another great way to officially be a world beater – earn a Guinness World Record.

By earning a World Record, not only can you use the publicity on your social media platforms or website, you can also get mentions every time the record is challenged in the future too. Plus, you get all the kudos and bragging rights - imagine being the World Record holder for serving the world's biggest ever pancake or vegan cake!

You know what? It’s a whole load of fun too. It’s a great way to create a buzz and have something new to shout about. People love posting selfies or tagging themselves when they are taking part in something truly special.


There’s loads of examples where ambitious restaurateurs and suppliers have broken World Records. We’ve even got a few record holders here at Nisbets.

Did you know the worlds longest, largest, fully functional toaster was made by Rowlett? The toaster can be seen at the National Catering Equipment Centre in Bristol – it’s 6ft wide (1.8 metres) and holds a massive 34 slices of bread. Trust me, this image is not photoshopped!

 World's Biggest Ever Toaster

Of course, it’s a one-of-a-kind toaster which would probably be very impractical in most places. The largest retail toaster currently available is the Rowlett 12 slot toaster, which is still twice as big as most standard commercial toasters.


Resorts World Birmingham recently broke the World Record for the largest ever serving of fish ‘n’ chips. Using their Rational cooking machines, they broke the record with a portion weighing in at a mighty 27.83kg of halibut. Cod you do better?

Wolferman’s in Oregan, USA took a similar route, breaking the record for the world’s largest ever cinnamon roll. Now I’ve cinnam-all.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a new or huge, expensive record. Just being really great at something could bring the record home. Here, Welsh chippy Albany Fish Bar wrapped up five full portions of fish ‘n’ chips in less than 50 seconds. That’s better wrapping than Vanilla Ice!

There’s important rules to consider, such as excessive eating and food wastage, so it’s probably a good idea to review the criteria on the website to make sure your attempt is viable.

Even if you don’t make an official record attempt, or even if you fail, it’s a great way to get your business noticed.

Do you have any ideas for a World Record? Perhaps you've already got one! Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter feeds.

By David Evans

“My passion is all things electrical and there’s nothing I like better than getting to grips with the latest industry innovations. When I'm not putting new products through their paces, I’m writing about them.”


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