Perfectly Baked Pizzas - How To Avoid A Soggy Bottom

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Pizza bases. Hard to get right. Easy to get wrong.

Well, not anymore. Thanks to this simple piece of kit, you can ensure your pizza bases are cooked to perfection every time.

Simple and easy

A pizza screen is a simple and easy piece of equipment for achieving evenly baked, perfectly sized pizza bases.

Simply stretch out your dough to the edges of the screen, top and decorate the pizza, then put it in the oven as you would normally.

Perfectly shaped, perfectly sized

You can use the screen as a template for achieving perfectly shaped and perfectly sized pizzas every time. Just stretch your dough out to the edges of the screen for consistent, accurate results.

Available in a variety of sizes, this makes pizza screens perfect for commercial use in takeaways and restaurants with different pizza sizes on a menu.

A quicker, more even bake

Featuring an aluminium wire mesh, a pizza screen allows the heat of the oven to hit the pizza base directly for a quicker and more even bake. It will vary from oven to oven, and from the thickness of your base, but you can expect to shave up to three minutes off your cooking time.

A busy pizza restaurant may sell over a hundred pizzas during an evening service. So, multiply the saved three minutes cooking time by the one hundred pizzas – and you have yourself an extra five hours for cleaning, cooking, or even just resting your feet!

Down with soggy bottoms

The perforated wire mesh of a pizza screen lets moisture escape from the base, otherwise resulting in the dreaded and feared soggy bottom. A satisfying crunch and a lovely crisp brown colour should be the standard of any great pizza base – not a soggy, mushy dough pudding.

The aluminium material also helps heat conduction and distribution for an even bake, while also being very robust and durable to ensure a long lifespan in your kitchen.

Get a pizza the action

Pizza screens are simple and robust pieces of kit for a good value price. If you’re having problems achieving a perfect base and you’d like to trim a few hours off your service, a pizza screen is a great addition to your kitchen equipment.

Shop pizza screens now.

By Nick Adams

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