New Catering and Restaurant Equipment | March 2018

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The long dark nights of winter are almost behind us and it’s time to start thinking about getting your business prepared for the revenue-rich Easter and spring bank holiday trade.

Maximising returns on seasonal footfall is a high priority whatever your type of business and we’ve got the latest in product innovation to help you do just that with over 1,300 new lines available now.

We’ve got the latest in eye-catching furniture from Bolero and vibrant new crockery collections by Olympia to create a welcoming and appealing front of house style.

Shake up your drinks service with new glassware and bar supplies or browse the latest in kitchen machine and refrigeration technology from Polar, Buffalo and Menumaster to keep you in tune with the hottest industry trends.

Pull Up a Chair

With warmer days and longer evenings on the horizon, it’s a great time to update and refresh the look of your bar, restaurant or café.

Style and comfort are two of the most important things you’ll look for in your furniture and our newest Bolero Moulded Side Chair (below) has both in abundance.

Inspired by designs engineered in 1950s America, the minimalist Scandi-style chair has strong wooden legs and a base influenced by the structure of the Eiffel Tower.

It’s hard to say why something so simple can look so good. Perhaps it’s simply its humble simplicity!

The curvaceous design of the plastic seating shell matches the contours of the body to add an exceptional level of comfort to the beautiful styling, too. 

With anti-marking foot bungs and a choice of four beautiful colourways, we’re certain the Bolero Moulded Side Chair will be a popular addition to bars, restaurants and cafés this spring.

Moving outside, we have a new selection of weather-resistant Pavement Chairs or visually-stunning Mesh Side Chairs in a choice of six vibrant colours for customers who want to put the winter blues behind them by socialising with the sun on their face.

Seasonal Crockery

If you’re thinking of changing the way you present your tables in tune with the changing of the seasons, you need look no further than two new collections by Olympia.

The Olympia Fresca selection of plates and bowls features exotic patterns brimming with Mediterranean flair in four different bright and vibrant colourways for casual and care-free dining.

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, the new Olympia Chia collection (below) with its natural colours and earthy tones provides the perfect backdrop for fresh and healthy meals.   

A reactive glaze finish features attractive dark flecking reminiscent of chia seeds (hence the collection's name!) while uneven edges decorated with a painted white band make for rustic and traditional styling. 

The new Kristallon Fusion selection, meanwhile, fuses the monochrome beauty of the original porcelain Olympia Fusion with virtually unbreakable melamine for crockery that is elegant and cost-effective for use at large scale summer events or businesses where chance of breakage is high.   

Tiki Takeover 

With 2018 tipped to be a summer of rum, it is no surprise to see Polynesian culture and cocktails starting to take centre stage as part of the tiki bar revival.

Tiki bars celebrated tropical themes across mid-Twentieth century America and are famed for serving exotic cocktails in vessels carved to depict the faces of ‘tiki gods’.

Utopia has produced a contemporary collection of modern tiki glasses (above) for 2018 that will add an extra tropical twist to palate-pleasing piña coladas. We’ve also got some great stainless steel cocktail bar accessories in a cool gloss black, too.   

For those with orthodox tastes, wine and gin will be the order of the day, and we’ve got new glasses for both, including some fascinating designs by Chef  & Sommelier and the latest from Libbey and Arcoroc. 

A Walk In the Kitchen 

Raising ambient temperatures and increased footfall as summer approaches calls for a combination of reliable refrigeration and plentiful chilled storage space.

You’ll get both with a tropical rated Polar Walk-In Fridge or Freezer along with the added bonus of organised storage to cut the cost of food wastage.

An organised walk-in space ticks all boxes for speed and convenience when ordering new stock or during busy food prep and service.

Working in a small kitchen? No problem! Polar Walk In Fridges and Freezers are suitable for external use, too. Fully rebated locking doors means you won’t have to worry about the safety of your stock when left overnight, either.

We can have you up and running in no time at all with a full site survey, delivery and installation all included in the price. We can also help you fund the cost of bringing organised chilled storage into your kitchen now with our leasing options, which include you paying 0% interest if you spread the cost over 12 months.

Speed Demon

Speed is of the essence when better weather brings more custom through your door and you know you’ll need the best equipment to make sure demand doesn’t outstrip production.

They don’t come much quicker than robust Menumaster combi microwaves with their ability to keep your stress levels manageable when the heat is on by delivering cooked food up to 15 times faster. 

Only a few food concepts have enjoyed a greater surge in popularity as the smoothie in recent times – and demand will soar again as temperatures do.

Whether you’re looking to provide a taste of sweet indulgence or a nutritional-boosting shot of superfood, the powerful 2.5L Buffalo Blender is ideal for mixing smoothies in full view of your customers.

The addition of a sound dampening enclosure offers all the drama of preparation to your customers’ eyes whilst being soft on their ears.

We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite products from our latest launch, but there’s much more to see at our dedicated new product lines page now for all of your equipment needs this spring.   


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