What Is Veganuary?

4:56 pm

Veganuary is a campaign to encourage people to try a vegan diet or lifestyle throughout January this year. The campaign is headed by Veganuary.com, where people can pledge to try veganism and find advice on how to do so. Over 100'000 people have officially pledged to ditch animal products this month, so what does it mean for your business?

Whilst a large-scale vegan January is creating headline news, the fact is that veganism is already one of the UK's fastest growing lifestyle choices. Veganuary has been going for a number of years, whilst increasing numbers of people are also 'occasional vegans' or include habits such as 'meat free Mondays' into their eating routines.

Customers are therefore already interested in vegan diets, with Veganuary notably heightening people's interest and commitment to avoiding animal products. This means it is increasingly important to make provision for vegan diners, whilst astute businesses can guarantee repeat custom by regularly changing their vegan offering during Veganuary. Showcasing this via social media can tap into the extensive presence of the online vegan community, bringing prospective customers from further afield and raising your business's online profile.

For more information on the best way to cater for vegan diners and why this makes good business sense, try our online guide. Alternatively, for guidance on catering for a broad range of dietary requirements, try A Restaurant's Guide to Dietary Requirements and Restrictions.

By Oliver Bernard

My years of experience working in pubs and restaurants means I am always interested in the latest industry trends. If I’m not exploring interesting new eateries, I’m trying to mimic them at home!


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