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Hot food and drinks are great. Especially over the cold and dreary winter months, nothing brings in customers quite like the aromatic smell of freshly ground coffee, hearty soup or hand-made pastries. Of course, pies, pasties and sausage rolls always taste better when they're piping hot, so it's vital to keep them ready to serve at a moment's notice.

Out and About

It's all about making it really easy and fast. Some people simply don't feel comfortable fiddling with potentially hot doors or even asking for food.

This is where Grab & Go comes into its own. Brand new for the Nisbets website, large open Moffat Multideck Displays make it simple for your customers to make their selection and quickly pay with a contactless card or even their phone.

By ensuring the products are attractively displayed and enticing, sales are maximised and often results in supplimentary purchases such as coffee, chilled bottled drinks or confectionary. Just remember to have your espresso machine or bar blender in a highly visible location to encourage the impulse purchase.

If you're short on space, there are other merchandising options available which help you make the most out of all the available room. Possibly the most versatile is the Moffat MHC1 Hot and Cold Food Multideck Merchandiser. Although visually similar to the "hot only" MH1 merchandiser, the MHC1 can effectively and efficiently hold both hot and chilled food - almost unique for free standing displays of this size. Both the MH1 and MHC1 include the front mounted display baskets which can be used for confectionary, crisps or other ambient snack food.

DR417 - Moffat Warming DrawersSometimes it's not appropriate to have hot foods directly within customer reach though. In these circumstances, reliable undercounter Food Warming Drawers can provide an easy-access storage space for products such as hot gravy, curry sauce, pots of baked beans and other similarly packed foods. The Moffat GHD3 Warming Drawers have been launched to fill this need and provide up to three full size gastronorm pans worth of storage capacity, all of which can be hidden away out of customer sight.

Banqueting and Events

 Moffat VersicarteOur selection of food service counters and mobile hot cupboards has also been expanded thanks to the new Versicarte collection from Moffat. Due to its mobility, the counter can easily be positioned where necessary - perfect for sites where space is limited or when additional capacity is needed for a special event.

The top gantry can be aligned for either self service or assisted service too, further highlighting the versility of the counter. Every part of the machine is used - even the base is a highly efficient hot cupboard which can be used to keep food or plates warm.

For large banqueting events, every dish has to be consistent. If it's supposed to be hot, every plate needs to be the same temperature when served. Not always easy, especially for large events with lots of guests. One of the most innovative new products available from Moffat is the BQ60CM Chillogen Banqueting Trolley.

Acting as a fridge, oven and mobile hot cupboard, you can plate up all the meals during your quieter hours and set the Chillogen to keep the food chilled until shortly before the event. When ready, the BQ60CM then reheats the food and keeps it at the perfect serving temperature for extended periods - really useful if the bride's family is running late!

There's so many great new servery and display products from Moffat it's almost impossible to list them all here. To see for yourself, check out the full collection now.

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