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New Product Launches - Summer 2017

2:13 pm

Summer is coming – honestly, we promise! – and with it the opportunity to give your business a seasonal shot in the arm.

Usually sparking an uptick in the number of customers for hotels, pubs and restaurants alike, the warmer months are a real opportunity for you to push the boat out, impress your guests with something different and generate a real buzz about your business. Word of mouth, online reviews and social media interest can all follow and really help put your establishment on the map.

So, what’s the best way to get the punters through the door? By taking advantage of the unique opportunities the warmer weather brings and offering something different. From alfresco dining under (hopefully) blue skies, to cocktails next to a hissing hog roast, the possibilities for adding an extra dimension to your punters’ experience – and your business’s profile – are endless.

With this in mind, we’ve picked out some of our best new lines to help you dazzle your customers and give them something to shout about. Whether you’re a pub landlord, hotel owner or you run a restaurant, we’ve got something to help you pull in the summer crowds.

Hotel Must-haves

Summer means tourists – and they all need a place to stay. So, whether you’re hosting first-timers or loyal returnees, giving tired trekkers a night’s sleep to rival the best is a sure-fire way to keep your guests coming back year on year.

From luxury sheets to quality duvets and everything in between, you’ll need something that says comfort without breaking the bank – and Mitre's new range is tailor-made for just that. Working with some of the best hotels in the business, UK-made Mitre put quality, luxury and comfort at the heart of all they do, producing first-class products for the perfect night’s sleep. Available in a range of colours and styles, they’re as attractive as they are comfortable, and allow you to tailor your rooms down to a tee.

But a good stay doesn’t stop at bedware. Top-tier towels, comfortable bathrobes, quality face cloths and more can really help to make an impression and turn a good night’s stay into a great one – and Mitre offer these too.

And, as suppliers to the Queen herself, the Mitre range is literally fit for royalty – so you’re prepared for whoever decides to drop by!

Rejuvenate your Restaurant

With potential new guests streaming through your doors - whether they’re tourists or locals tempted out by the sun - you’ll want to wow hungry first-timers. And what easier way to do this than by transforming your tableware?

Here’s some of the best of our new lines to help you do just that:

The Olympia Mineral range adds an earthy, rustic, authentic feel to any restaurant. Lightweight, durable and above all stylish, Mineral’s seductive dappled pattern differs from piece to piece, giving you a truly unique canvas on which to plate each meal. The earthen tones make colourful summer dishes pop, and the lightweight design means carrying several at a time is a cinch.

If you’re looking to bring a splash of summer to the table, the colourful Churchill Stonecast collection is a must. Whether your diners are soaking up the sun outside or eating indoors, this vibrant line provides the perfect backdrop for fresh, homemade foods. Available in a wide palette of colours – with new shades just added – Stonecast allows you to tailor your tableware to your taste and frame your food in style.

For a real showstopper, the Churchill Studio Prints Raku range features hypnotic, unique patterns that make each piece a standout in its own right. The recently extended range of shades available also means you can bring colour to the table without compromising class.

So, liven up your table – whether it’s indoors or out – and keep the summer crowd hungry for more.

Raise the Bar

Booze and summer go hand in hand. And with some studies claiming Brits guzzle an extra 333 million pints of beer and some 67 million more litres of wine than usual in the summer months, thirsty punters are a potential goldmine.  
Among Brits’ favourite summer tipples is Prosecco, with the UK apparently drinking a third of the world’s supply last year! Champagne flutes are therefore now a must for any bar, and BBP's new line of frosted flutes are the perfect solution: attractive, yet hardwearing enough to keep up with high-volume use.

Another mainstay of the summer season is cocktails. Why not whip up a woo woo or a daiquiri with our extensive range of bar blenders, and then proudly advertise your creations on Beaumont's new peg boards? Easy to customise, Beaumont's peg boards are a great solution if your bar rotates drinks regularly. Cocktails of the day, beers of the week – whatever you need to display, peg boards make it easy.

Kitchen Kit

A surge in summer customers obviously means more cooking. But don’t worry, we have everything you need to keep your back of house ticking over nicely.

Holmes' new wall tables are made of sturdy, rust-resistant 304 stainless steel and are durable enough to cope with the most demanding of days. Add these to Gram's super efficient, low running cost fridges and freezers and you’re ready for the summer rush.

And, if you’re taking on seasonal staff, you’re going to need new lockers.

Luckily, our extensive range, featuring all sizes and shapes, has you covered. Check them out.

Great Outdoors

One of the best ways to set your establishment apart this summer is to offer an attractive outdoor area. A revamped beer garden or a made-over patio can make all the difference - and give customers that special something to shout about.

Seating is the easiest way to transform any outdoor space, and Bolero's new range of picnic benches is an ideal way to do just that. Big enough to seat a whole family or group and sturdy enough to weather the elements, they’re a truly versatile summer seating solution.

And, if you’re looking to really set your business apart with a unique offering that makes the most of the warm weather, Hog King's hog roast machines and BBQ kits are the perfect centerpiece. Get your guests’ bellies rumbling with the sumptuous smell of cooking meat, and watch the orders roll in.


So, whether you’re a publican, restaurateur or hotelier, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of the summer rush with these seasonal essentials. Enjoy!


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