Why Your Breakfast Menu Needs To Change In 2017

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For years it has been labelled the most important meal of the day. Formed from the words ‘breaking fast’, this first meal of the day is important to set you up for the hours ahead. Nowadays, the on-the-go breakfast market in the UK is valued at £76 million daily. Changing and adapting your menu to gain revenue is a very wise move. Here’s why:

Changing for your customers' way of life

Breakfast in the 21st century is very different to what it was years ago. People are working earlier, resulting in them sacrificing this meal before they leave their homes. Due to this, the grab-and-go market has risen to £1.2 billion, with it expected to reach £1.9 billion in less than ten years. That's a staggering 48% increase.

It is evident that this market is something which is very profitable and will increase your sales.
Take Greggs, for example. Since launching its breakfast menu, profits of the company have risen by 51%. Often seen as a one-stop shop for pasties and cakes, this high street baker has lead the on-the-go breakfast market with its healthy options.

Menu items include various porridge flavours, egg baguettes and bacon baguettes to name but a few. For those who have a little sweet tooth, a croissant or a pastry is also an option. It was the introduction of the healthier options that had pushed Gregg’s profits, alongside the food being hot, convenient and priced well.

Take one of their best sellers – porridge. A big box of these hearty oats will not set you back much money, depending where you shop. You can buy a mass amount of disposable pots for very little cash. Add some fruit, (again, at very little cost) and there you have a breakfast option which has a high profit margin. It won't cost you much money to produce and you can expect around 45-50% gross profit.

Of course, your breakfast menu shouldn’t only consist of porridge. Other options like yoghurt pots, cereal pots and muesli bars are great to offer, again which will make you a fantastic profit that will be noticeable in your business.

Additionally, do not forget about hot breakfast options such as rolls with ingredients like egg and bacon. Although they are not as healthy as porridge, these menu items are still popular. Fairly quick to make, you can cater to the many types of customer who may walk through your doors. This means you can keep profits soaring by providing many options. Even offering a deal with a coffee included is a great way to keep expanding sales and profit.

Should I be offering more on weekends?

The weekends are where your breakfast menu should extend. Although dine-in breakfasts in the weekday have declined, weekend sales have risen by 20%. This is where you need to offer an extensive menu, something much more than your weekday options.

Remember that there is a massive shift happening right now in terms of health and food. This is where you should be looking at your menu, questioning it, re-evaluating it.

Find out how you can make the most out of the breakfast revolution 

The best way to start changing things is by tweaking them – an overhaul might work, it might not. You will know how your customers will react and it is for you to decide. In the meantime, think about simple changes. For example, take the classic English fry-up. A popular breakfast dish still eaten by 28% of people in the UK every week. This dish will take a large proportion of your weekend breakfast sales. There are ways in which you are able to make it healthier. Consider offering options like:

  • Spinach: it is full of nutrients and vitamins and goes great with eggs
  • Swapping hash browns for bubble and squeak: the fibre content will be increased and will cut away the mass amount of carbs from those small potato triangles
  • Swapping tomato ketchup for salsa. Although a lot of customers love this red sauce, the fresh and spicy tomato salsa is a much healthier option.
  • For the bread with your fry-up, consider sourdough. This artisan bread not only tastes great but is great for your customer. It helps to improve gut health and is much better than fried bread. It is a popular choice for breakfasts in Alaska. They typically have sourdough pancakes. 

How else should I be changing my breakfast menu?

Aside from the fry-ups, keep your weekend breakfast menu classics. Think about recipes such as eggs benedict, omelettes and waffles. Offering healthier versions and upgrades means you are able to cater to all types of customers. This not only gives your customers exciting and different choices but also the choice to add or stick with what they know and like.

How do you write a great restaurant menu? Find out here with some starting points for you to consider

Taking simple steps is great for changing your breakfast menu in 2017. Consumer’s lives are becoming more work orientated during the week. You need to offer quick grab-and-go options. For the weekends, remember it is all about relaxation, indulgence and something different to the weekday routine.

Felicity Smith


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