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Prepare For The Best Ever Spring Clean With Jantex Power

12:18 pm

Jantex Cleaning Cupboard

The advent of spring brings with it longer days and increased traffic, but also exposes any dirt and dust hidden from view over the darker months. Be the early bird and get a head start on your spring clean with huge discounts on catering consumables with Nisbets.

It may be old news, but cleanliness really is the key to guaranteeing return visits from your customers. In restaurants especially, your washroom hygiene standards can either produce glowing reviews or turn people away for good - and it can be put right in just three simple steps

Why Is A Spring Clean So Important?

Historically, as windows were frozen shut through winter and with fires constantly burning, smoke coated linens and fabrics, leaving soot and dust throughout the house. So, the first day of spring provided the earliest opportunity to clean all-over, open windows and allow the wind to carry the dust away. Nature will only help you so far though, to tackle any commercial cleaning operation you'll need a selection of premium cleaning formulas and equipment.

Save up to 50% on consumables today, with a mighty selection of Jantex cleaning supplies including anti-static glass cleaner, washing up liquid, disposable gloves, scrubbers and scourers.


When tasked with a deep clean, jumping straight in at the deep end means you'll probably miss a few spots. To save you the hassle of repeating chores, we've devised a list of Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips For Restaurants to ensure you uncover every nook and cranny from the depths of your fridge to your front windows. A few minutes planning can save you hours of extra work, and make sure each area stands up to scrutiny. If prefer visual aids, download our easy to follow infographic to share with your team.


A dirty kitchen poses a threat to your license and reputation, not to mention the potential impact of health and fire risks on your staff and customers. Avoid these hazards and create a clean, sanitary environment with the Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Guide. It'll cover all bases from your lights and machines down to the floors, including a recommended list of all the items you'll need to bring you kitchen hygiene standards up to spec.

Daily maintenance

Whilst performing a deep clean periodically is a necessity, daily checks are essential to ensure a smooth service and optimum performance of your machines. After all, you want maximum efficiency from your equipment and to minimise running costs and servicing. Our Daily Maintenance Checklist will help you ensure a safe working environment for you and your staff at all times. Some kitchen dangers aren't so obvious: such as a slow gas leak or drainage obstruction. The checklist shows exactly what to look for in your inspection and the required actions to perform in each case.

Use The Force

Cleaning in a commercial environment is time sensitive, so you need reliable fast-acting formulas that give you professional results.

Jantex products are designed to help you meet the highest standards of hygiene, so save yourself time and labour with industrial strength cleaning solutions that you'll need for a powerful, long lasting spring clean.


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