Your Top Ten Favourite Products Of The Year

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As the end of 2016 approaches fast, there is no hesitation to say this year has been a busy one for all who have worked in hospitality. With the sector increasing in custom and expected to reach a value of £52bn by the end of the year, we look at our top ten products that have aided you in providing the best quality service and hygiene to your customers.

Behind the Bar

1.Blue Roll

As you know, blue roll in both front of house and in back of house is like gold dust. When any of our customers purchase various products for their premises, you can bet Jantex Blue Roll will be in their basket.  It is the perfect item for cleaning, absorbing and drying surfaces and appliances – even hands!

A fun fact for you - The amount of blue roll that we sold in 2014 could extend the length of 1,993,075 football pitches (based on 120m pitches) and just over halfway to the moon!

As our customers have put it:

2. Waist Aprons

It's essential as a bartender that you keep yourself looking presentable, but spilling alcohol, juices, purees and syrups on you is unavoidable. This is where the Whites Waist Apron in black comes into the equation. Hardwearing and presentable, this long length piece keeps your staff looking great and performing at the top of their game.
Our customers have said:

3. Hi Ball Glasses

Just as important as the taste of a drink is the glass itself. Olympia’s Hi Ball Glasses are the ideal partner to any cocktail, spirit or mixer. These classic and straight sided glasses are simple, versatile and safe enough to be put through your glass washers.
Our customers have said:

4. Flexible Straws

With some drinks, a straw is an essential to make it complete - and this is obvious with the Fiesta Black Flexible Straw being one of your top products of the year. Like one of our customers have said, "not a lot can go wrong with a straw"!

In the kitchen

5. Chopping Boards

To ensure there is no cross-contamination in your kitchen, there is no better item than coloured chopping boards. The Hygiplas Standard Low Density Chopping Board Set is an essential in any commercial kitchen for keeping all foods separate. It is a proven hit with many of our customers and even includes a storage rack and a wall chart to identify the boards.

6. Food labels

As you are aware, placing labels on food is not only due to regulations, but also aids you in knowing what an item is and when it has to be used by. The Vogue Prepped Product Labels are a top product; they are strong and hold in place, leaving no residue. Featuring the necessary details required to understand what has been prepared, they are all you need for food labelling in your kitchen.

7. Vinyl Gloves

Just as we have discussed in a previous piece about the Food Standards Agency, it is important for establishments to meet requirements of the law. To avoid cross contamination, blue disposable gloves are extremely detectable if they fall into food. This makes them the perfect solution when prepping in the kitchen. The blue Vogue Vinyl Food Prep Gloves are sterile, strong and sold in packs of 100 to keep your hygiene standards to the highest they can be.

Kitchen Machines

8. Ice Machine

When making cold drinks for your customers, there is an ingredient which is vital – ice. The Polar Under Counter Ice Machine has proven to be a great purchase for our customers. With a 20KG output and a stainless steel design, this appliance is an essential addition for bars, pubs and restaurants. The strong and sturdy construction boasts 4kg of ice storage and it is easy to see why this item has proven popular.

9. Soup Kettle

Heating and keeping warm large quantities of soup, chilli, mulled wines, stew and much more has always been a hard task if you have not had the right equipment before. The best-selling Buffalo Soup Kettle is the go-to appliance for all those within the hospitality industry. User friendly and portable, it is obvious why this is a top product of the year.

10. Rice Cooker

If you serve a lot of rice in your restaurant, the amount you need has to have a powerful appliance which can handle the quantity. The Buffalo Commercial Rice Cooker has proven to be a top product not only for the fact of its capacity and power, but also as it is so simple to use. Stainless steel, easy to clean and non-stick, this item also features an ‘auto-warm’ function which allows you to have burn-free cooking and less waste, which saves you money – what more could you want?

By Joanne Philpott


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