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 Food Standards Agency

This week saw the publication of the Food Standards Agency's Annual Report on UK Local Authority Food Law Enforcement 2015-2016. The report details action taken by the FSA when food hygiene standards have not been met. Here's all the essential stats.

There are over 600,000 food service establishments across the UK, all of which are monitored by Local Authorities to ensure they comply with food safety law. The Local Authorities report their findings back to the Food Standards Agency who then publish this data on an annual basis.

Over 404,000 Interventions (visits, inspections or surveillance) were carried out over the course of the period - demonstrating the sheer number of occasions that Local Authorities visit businesses.

Enforcement Actions (anything from formal written warnings to prosecution) increased 5.4% from 181,999 to 191,719. This increase reinforces the importance of maintaining a strict hygiene routine in order to avoid action against your business.

67,165 Food Samples were taken by inspectors for further analysis.

Seizure, Detention and Surrender of Food increased 1.9% to 491.

93.5% of rated establishments achieved 'broad' Compliance. Of course, this means that 6.5% either didn't reach broad compliance or haven't yet been rated - that's around 39,000 businesses.

Educational establishments such as schools and colleges (99%) and care homes (99%) had the highest rates of Broad Compliance, whereas take-aways had the lowest (83%, up from 81% on the previous year).

 Food Standards Agency Ratings

"Broad Compliance" is considered any rating on the FHRS (Food Hygiene Rating System) of 3 or more.

FHRS is a great way for customers, residents and visitors to get a quick, at-a-glance rating of the food safety of an establishment. Displaying a good food hygiene rating certifies compliance and competence - and can also be used to advertise your business through social media channels, especially if your business has a 5 "very good" rating.

Complaints registered about food hygiene decreased 4.9% to 69,031.

Finally, there were 361 prosecutions this year. That's 361 food service sites potentially being closed down due to poor food hygiene.

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By David Evans


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