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 Make More From Your Microwave

What can a microwave do? Perhaps the bigger question is what can't a microwave do?

It's amazing to think that many professional microwaves are seriously under used - waiting patiently in the kitchen for the next batch of beans to be reheated. There's so much more they can do though. Using a microwave to its full potential helps you to keep queues down and save money.

Whether you're cooking breakfast, dinner or dessert, there's a huge range of foods that can be cooked in a microwave. Some are quite surprising:

1. Crispy bacon: It's really easy to cook delicious crispy bacon in the microwave. Just position the strips over the top of an upturned bowl. The fat quickly drips off and gives the bacon the distinctive crunch. Just remember to put the bowl on another plate so the drained fat is easy to clean up.

2. Poached egg: Many people use the traditional pan technique, however it's even easier in a microwave. Just fill a microwave safe bowl (or even a mug!) with water, crack the egg, cover and nuke on full power for a minute. Perfect poached eggs every time.

3. Crisps: Yes, potato crisps - or even sweet potato or beetroot crisps can easily be made in a microwave. Simply use a mandoline on its thinnest setting to slice, then coat with a thin layer of olive oil. Place the slices on baking parchment or a cookasheet in a single layer and season as desired - try coarse salt or paprika. Cook on full for around two minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. Et voila - deliciously crunchy crisps.

4. Froth milk: Whether you're making hot chocolate, lattes or cappuccino, frothed milk is a necessity - and you can make it in your microwave. Just half fill a microwave safe jar or pot with milk. Shake vigorously, then cook on full for a few seconds. Great for when the queues are backing up.

As well as being a great primary cooking appliance, the microwave is so versatile that it works perfectly as a backup too. Many businesses have multiple units to help cover all eventualities. Don't just take our word for it though - here's what fellow professionals are saying about these great machines.

The Lobster, Sheringham

Priory Farm Restaurant, Great Yarmouth

K's Diner, Wells-next-the-Sea


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