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5 Easy Ways You Can Profit from British Food Fortnight

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Britain may be known for its fish and chips, mushy peas and pies, but we’re a nation built on a diverse and delicious range of foods. 2016 marks the 15th year of Great British Food Fortnight with celebrations erupting up and down the country. People everywhere are championing fresh, home-grown produce to create mouth-watering dishes, and you can too.

What is British Food Fortnight?

British Food Fortnight is held in autumn at the same time as the harvest festival and is the biggest annual and national celebration of Great British food and drink. It was created to shine the spotlight on British food and how you can source locally, affordably and healthily. It’s a great time for anyone related to food and drink service to come together and celebrate the food that Britain has to offer, whilst promoting your business or service.

From restaurants to schools, hospitals to pubs, Wembley stadium to Westminster Abbey, everyone is getting involved. Here’s how you can join in.

1 - Limited Edition Menus

Being creative with your celebrations will draw hungry customers in. Try changing up your menu for the fortnight to include ingredients sourced only from your city, town, post code or region. This fresh, close-to-home sourcing is sure to help you to create delicious dishes that are truly, the best of British. It can also cause intrigue with locals who want to try your new menu. Sourcing from new or existing local suppliers can help you to build up a stronger relationship, which could save you money in the long-term. Many local suppliers offer seasonal foods, helping you to make the most of what’s available throughout the year. Many also offer discounted rates on ‘ugly veg’, giving you cheap rates on vegetables that may look a little different than customers expect. Blended, chopped or mashed, these vegetable look and taste the same as their ‘normal’ equivalents, helping you to save money.

2 - Go Wild

Raymond Blanc is venturing out for the fourth year, in search of the most imaginative celebration. Winning this coveted award will get you a whole heap of prizes, including a lot of press. Investing in the British Food Fortnight and going all-out with your celebrations could have a major and positive long-term impact on your business. Why not decorate your venue with red, white and blue, and encourage your guests to dress up too? Make the two weeks of British food a fortnight of British food celebrations!

Even if you can’t go all-out with your celebrations, there is still plenty you can do to join in. Adding a limited edition drink to your cocktail menu or desert to your menu with red and blue colourings is a great way to tap into the celebration whilst still retaining your existing menu. Swapping out your normal, plain white napkins for Union Jack style napkins is an inexpensive way to add British flare to your tables. Bunting, flags, face paint, staff uniforms, you can go as wild as you want!

Entries for the competition need to be submitted by midday on the 10th October on the Love British Food Website – good luck!

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3 - Involve Your Community

The British Food Fortnight isn’t just about food. It’s about building and strengthening your community. If you’ve got the outside space, take your celebrations outside and organise a fun day out for families. This coming-together of locals will help to bring the British Food Fortnight to life, whilst helping you make the most of hungry mouths. Offering a family discount or running a competition can help you maximise covers through every service, helping you to make the most of British Food Fortnight.

If you run a pub or bar, you can still get your customer and community involved by hosting a pub quiz with British themed questions, or a fancy dress competition with a prize for the best British themed costume. The possibilities are endless.

4 - Source Locally

The best ingredients are often those sourced locally; they’re fresher and often less expensive. Purchasing local produce can help you to build a strong relationship with reliable, local suppliers, who will be able to offer you competitive rates on seasonal foods to help you save money whilst still creating delicious dishes. Partnering up with your local farm or producer has benefits for both. They could host an ‘open day’ at their farm so families can see how they really work, and once the tour is finished, you could be there to cater for hungry mouths, using the produce bought from them. This co-operative approach to British Food Fortnight is the best way to make the most of the two weeks. Not only can you procure cheaper ingredients, but you’ll be able to create a strong working relationship with locals, both consumers and producers, helping to solidify your presence in your town or city.

Looking for some inspiration? Discover what you can make with recipes from British Food Fortnight, from beef and stilton pie and beer battered fish and chips, to homemade damson jam and shepherd’s pie and much more.

5 - Reach out to Local Press

Reaching out to your local media, news and press agencies can help boost the awareness of your celebrations. Talk to people about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and entice customers to visit your venue. Making the most of these two weeks can have long-lasting benefits for you and your business, whether you’re a pub, restaurant or mobile caterer, customer will know your name and remember the fun they had at your venue. You can also become a member or partner of the British Food Fortnight, giving you access to free exposure on social media, information and the exclusive Love British Food member logo for use all year, letting people know you buy and use British foods.

The British Food Fortnight runs from 17th September - 2nd October so grab your bunting and let’s celebrate!

What are you doing for British Food Fortnight?
Let us know in the comments below!
By Jamie Braithwaite


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