What Happened to the Lincat EB3F Water Boiler?

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EB3F Water Boiler Discontinued

It's probably one of the most recognisable, most popular auto fill water boilers in the UK. Originally launched in 2008, the Lincat FilterFlow EB3F firmly established itself as the industry standard. Suddenly though, it's no longer available. The question is - what happened to it?

 EB3FX Water BoilerThe answer is simply that it's been made better. Announcing the impressive Lincat EB3FX water boiler, the latest in Lincat FilterFlow technology. It's not just the EB3F that has been improved either. The whole FilterFlow range has been revised, making them the most advanced water boilers ever, still at the same price as the original models.

So why is the new FilterFlow range better? For a start, you get exactly the same output and power from a smaller, more compact 250mm wide boiler, saving valuable kitchen or front of house space.

It's much more simple to use. The touch screen control panel has fast navigation and provides concise feedback about the status of the boiler, meaning you know straight away if action needs to be taken, such as descaling or cleaning.  You can also lock the boiler with a PIN code, ensuring safety and security for sites where restricted access may be necessary. Being so user-friendly also means staff training and accidents are reduced.

It's more efficient too. Even though the original was highly regarded as being very efficient, the new FX range can be programmed to switch off during closing hours, as well as run it's eco mode during quieter hours. A new predictive eco mode learns your busy and quiet hours, ensuring sufficient supply when you need it, as well as automatic economy mode when you don't. Improved efficiency saves money and helps the environment.

It's easier to maintain. The new screw-top cap helps you monitor whether descaling is required and the touch-screen display takes you step-by-step through the simple descaling process. In addition, in the unlikely event of a unit breakdown, the on-screen enhanced diagnostic display can help get the unit back up and running quickly.

The old EB3F was one of the best water boilers available. With the new FX range, it's now even better.

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By David Evans


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