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How One Pizza Bar Achieved a 30% Increase in Sales Using Pokemon Go – and How You Can Do it Too!

5:27 pm

One pizza bar in New York used the newly popular Pokémon Go app to rapidly boost their sales with very little effort or cost. Other caterers across different countries have also used this new game to their financial advantage and there’s no reason you can’t too. Below are several cases of how businesses have turned a profit and how their methods can help you increase your turnover as well.

Read further for more information on the app itself and the steps to follow to install it.

Using Lures

L’inzio’s Pizza Bar in Queens, New York saw the effect this very popular app had upon their customers. The game places its digital creatures in randomly generated locations throughout the day, however with a small £8 purchase of game items called ‘lures’ the bar was able to keep the creatures – and their avid fans – centralised around their pizza business. The business witnessed a 30% increase in sales on the first weekend of the game’s release, producing an immediate profit in exchange for the much smaller in-game purchase. The game is easy to install and all you have to do is spend a little bit of money on lures and Pokémon fans will come looking for what you have to offer in no time.

Offering Discounts

The Lost Heaven Restaurant – a Chinese themed establishment in Melbourne, Australia – applied a more traditional method for attracting customers. To pull in additional revenue the company offered customers with particular types of Pokémon discounts of either 10% or 30%. This simple but effective technique for drawing in fans has had an immediate positive effect on business and encourages more customers to visit, as word of mouth spreads and the offer continues.


If you turn on the app to find that your business is located next to one of the games renowned Pokéstops, then expect increased demand in the very near future. Huge Cafe in Atlanta discovered their business to be opposite two such locations and quickly found itself dealing with a rapidly growing crowd of fans. To push profits further the cafe purchased some in-game lures as well to encourage customers to stay and buy another cup of coffee. Install the app and simply turn on the map to see if your business can reap the benefits. Pokéstops are the game's form of resting spots which players are pushed to visit frequently to rest their creatures and collect virtual items. These spots are randomly allocated but tend to be either central locations or noticeable landmarks such as churches, museums or even restaurants.

Promote your Store's Pokémon

Taking the time to find out which Pokémon has been caught on your premises can be just what you need for the next potential customer to pick your business over another. Customer reviews are a driving force for increased demand, with Pokémon Go already spurring debates throughout Twitter and other social media channels about which friendly cafe has the creatures they’re looking for. Use social media or outdoor signs to promote specific Pokémon in your area or the fact that you’ll be using ‘lures’ at specific times – a great way to increase demand between peak periods.

A Closing Note

We are aware that not all business owners will have the time or resources to tailor their business to this rapidly growing craze but that doesn’t mean you will miss out on potential sales. If you aren’t familiar with what Pokémon has to do with your area then offering free Wi-Fi or phone charging facilities could do wonders for your daily sales. This game has done the job of bringing large groups of people outside, all you need is a motive to bring them to your business.

What is Pokémon Go?

To summarise, the Pokémon Go app (or game) encourages users to explore real world locations to catch digital creatures using their smartphone, causing crowds of fans to gather in specific locations. The app has already been released in Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe, and now the UK. It's been an enormous success, with over 15 million downloads already reported. Part of its success can be attributed to the fact that it is free to install and play, with only in-game purchases accounting for any form of transaction. Also with the UK and America now in the middle of summer, the game’s outdoor-oriented play style is encouraging more people to explore, leading to large crowds of eager and soon-to-be-hungry customers.

Installing Pokémon Go

To install, simply input ‘Pokemon Go’ into your android or iOS app store (the app should display as free), then install and agree to the general T&Cs. The game takes roughly 57MB of storage space to install.


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