UK Coffee Week 2016: How To Boost Your Trade With Coffee

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UK Coffee Week begins on the 11th of April. For coffee shops and cafés, it’s your chance for highly profitable in-house promotions and increased footfall. 

The vast majority of our world's coffee is grown within the 'bean-growing belt' which stretches all the way from Hawaii to New Guinea between the tropics. Here the conditions are ideal for cultivating the most popular varieties of the bean which thrive in this region.

Coffee shops can participate by donating 5p from the sale of each cup of coffee sold during UK coffee week towards project waterfall, which brings fresh, clean drinking water to coffee growing communities across the globe. To get involved, simply visit official site to find out more.


Is your coffee machine up to the job? Our extended range of commercial coffee machines allows you to cater for greater numbers, maintaining consistent results whilst ensuring that queues move along at a steady pace. The wealth of choice available means you’ll be prepared for any occasion, whether you need a high capacity percolator, or a self-service machine delivering barista quality coffee at the touch of a button.

Keep your brew warm with the Buffalo twin coffee hotplate, ideal for buffets, mobile caterers or self-service outlets with a one-touch control switch to save energy costs during quiet periods.


Updating your crockery has maximum impact for little cost and can be a great way to brighten and freshen up your business. 

From rustic hand-painted cups to contemporary fine china stacking cups, we have an extensive range of crockery that caters to your needs.


Disposable cups don't have to be boring! Busy customers can enjoy your coffee for longer served in these stylish rippled cups from Fiesta, offering style and practicality in equal measure. 

The attractive rippled outer surface ensures that they're not too hot to hold but your coffee remains at the perfect drinking temperature.

A rolled rim creates a tight fit at the top, to stop any drips or spills as your customers pick up their walking pace to get to work on time whilst nursing their favourite blend.

Café direct 

Our rainforest alliance certified coffee from Canteen comes in bean and ground varieties, which could save you a small fortune during those busy occasions coming up on the calendar, with a mix of Arabica and Robusta blends to excite your customers’ taste buds and keep them coming back for more.


Add a little flair to your lattes and cappucinos with stencil art, a cost-effective way to personalise your coffee. The coffee bean silhouette gives you consistent results every time and it's so simple to use.

For a twisted blend of flavour, Monin offer a great range of syrups from strawberry and raspberry to vanilla or caramel, allowing you to experiment, creating unique and versatile options. You can also increase your margins by spending a little more on flavoured blends, and you'll soon find that the syrups quickly pay for themselves.

Coffee Week 2015

Spice up your business in time for coffee week 2016 with Nisbets.

By Jeff Gibson


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