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Nisbets New Range of Catering Equipment

11:44 am

With summer fast approaching, it’s time for you to start gearing up for the clear skies and summer crowds. At Nisbets, we have also begun to prepare for what many Brits would argue is the best part of the year to sit down in the sun with friends and enjoy some lovely food to accompany the weather.

Thanks to the addition of over 1000 new products to our range we have a huge selection of new tableware, furniture, clothing, disposables and cooking equipment to complement your business in the upcoming summer rush. Here are just a few examples of the type of items we’ve added to assist you at both front and back of house.

Urban Aprons

Chefs Clothing
Starting with your front of house clothing, the new urban collection of aprons from Chef Works comes in a wide range of sizes and styles. Designed to be stylish as well as practical, the range includes protective full length aprons for bartenders or practical waist aprons for your service staff, helping you to easily get the look you want for your business.  

Coffee and Cocktails

Blue Ice Coffee MachineBlue Ice have released a new premium coffee maker named the Azzurri Classico, built to streamline the grinding process from bean to cup. Making a latte, cappuccino, americano or espresso at the touch of a button, this unit provides premium quality coffee and comes with an array of accessories and safeguards including a frother for your cappuccinos and a milk chiller.

Balloon Glass
Just as the Azzurri provides the latest in beverage dispensing technology, our newly introduced Spanish Gin & Tonic Glass sets are balloon shaped to provide your customers with the best possible gin & tonic experience. With an abundance of space for you to add ice, garnish and other mixers of your choice, the size of the glass allows you to customise your own personal mix every time. The result is a wider palette of possible flavours when compared to the gin & tonic’s traditional tall glass.

Summer Furniture

Bolero Chair
In time for you to open up your beer gardens and terraces for the summer months, we have introduced the newest selection of matching outdoor tables and chairs from Bolero. Capable of folding away should the weather turn sour, these versatile pieces of furniture add a timeless charm to your outdoor area with their rich wood-stained finish. Thanks to their easily mobile nature, it is very easy to clear space should you wish to include other equipment for special occasions such as barbecues or hog roasts.

Light Duty Microwaves

With cafe and bistro visitors increasing with the rising heat, there will be call for small but effective appliances to keep up the pace. From globally recognised

Light Duty Microwave
brand Samsung comes a new selection of light duty microwaves, capable of delivering results in the shortest possible time. As some of the most powerful appliances in their class they are effective for both the cooking and defrosting of meals, available in both manual dial and programmable variations.

Remember this is only a small selection of our many new products that can enhance the look and productivity of your business as well as the taste of your food. With over 1000 new products we haven’t mentioned, we have the catering equipment to suit your business needs not only this summer, but all year round. Simply take a look to find what you need to increase your business’ profit, reputation and success today.


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