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How to Keep your Stainless Steel in Top Condition

4:44 pm

When it comes to commercial kitchens, there is no better material for tables, sinks, cookware and cutlery than stainless steel thanks to its strong, durable and hygienic properties. Ensuring your stainless steel is always looking its best and free from impurities is key to maintaining maximum hygiene and efficiency, but how easy is it?

From countertop fryers and cutlery to tables and sinks, your kitchen is full of stainless steel, all of which is subject to different stresses and uses that affect the finish and quality. Soaking cutlery overnight is a great way to welcome rust, and leaving salt, water or food particles on tables can damage their protective layer. Find out how to easily manage the maintenance of your stainless steel kitchen equipment and tableware with our new article, and you can ensure you’ve always got a shiny, clean and hygienic kitchen.

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