How To Plan Your Large Item Delivery

9:26 am

You've bought your new oven and are looking forward to getting it into position ready for your next busy dinner service. The only problem is... it won't even fit through the door! Now what?

Here at Nisbets, we understand that when you're buying a new or replacement fridge, freezer, display unit or commercial oven, time is often a critical factor.

It may be time to retire your old or broken unit, or you might have a new opening coming up. Either way, business critical large items like this are often purchased in a hurry, or when the pressure is on even more than usual.

To make your life easier in the long run, we've made a new video.  It really is worth spending time upfront to properly measure your available space and access routes, as well as considering how the large item will fit into its end location.  Consider things like low door frames, tight bends or other similar obstructions.

We want to help avoid the disappointment of an aborted delivery and additional charges by making sure your delivery goes to plan.  However, if you're still in doubt after watching the video, please call our team on 0845 111 5555 who are happy to assist.

For more details about our delivery service, see the Nisbets Delivery and Returns page.

By David Evans


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