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How can your business benefit from English Tourism Week?

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English Tourism Week starts March 5th, and with tourism in England being a £106 billion industry, if you’re not doing your bit to get involved yet, you should be. Visit England is our national tourist board, and they’re working together with people in the trade to grow the value of our tourism industry. There’s tons of potential to increase business during this week if you’re doing it right, so check out our tips on Maximising your profits during peak tourism seasons.

What could you do?

You could add some local dishes to your menu, or organise cookery classes for a favourite local delicacy to entice those tourists into your café or restaurant. Afternoon tea is another traditional English favourite, and this is something that you can make as simple or extravagant as you wish. For pubs, get involved with your local breweries and showcase the best they have to offer. This will benefit both parties, getting their product out there, and encouraging tourists looking to try local beers to drink at your bar.

Think about organising events during this week too. If you’re a hotel with a big function room or outdoor area, you could hold a tourism careers day. This will encourage networking between local businesses and colleges, and possibly generate ideas on how to improve the local tourism industry. You could even hold a live music event one evening - the possibilities are endless!

The more businesses that get involved in English Tourism Week, the more successful the week is for everyone. And remember, don’t let the weather ruin any events you have planned, always be prepared for the English rain!

Let people know you’re involved!

If you’ve got something special in mind for English Tourism Week then get on the website and submit your event or offer and you could be published on the guide. You can also tweet about your ideas to @VisitEngland, who regularly retweet posts and can help you to get the message out there to a bigger audience.

Keep an eye on the Visit England website and your ear to the ground in your area, and you might be able to join forces with other businesses participating in English Tourism Week too.


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