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6 Secret Rugby Recipes - Scotland (Part 6/6)

3:25 pm

The last in our six part series of forgotten recipes from the six rugby nations takes us to Scotland where we find the fatty cutty in all its glory.

Fatty Cutty Recipe

Often referred to as singing hinnies south of the border, the fatty cutty is a quintessentially Scottish take on this buttery biscuit. And, as you would expect, it wipes the floor with the standard English version when made the right way.

Ingredients Equipment
500g self-raising flour Mixing bowl
200g butter Rolling pin
100g caster sugar Pastry cutters
150g currants Frying pan
2 eggs


  1. Combine your butter and self-raising flour until it begins to resemble breadcrumbs.
  2. Add in your caster sugar and currants and mix well.
  3. Beat your eggs together and slowly add them to the mixture to form a doughy texture. If you need to add a drop of water to achieve this, do so.
  4. Use your rolling pin to roll out the dough until roughly 1cm thick and cut through the mixture using your cutter to make your biscuits.
  5. Place into a dry frying pan until the biscuits are nicely toasted and mottled on both sides.

This brings us to the end of our six part series of recipes to run alongside the rugby. You can read up on them all below:

Our forgotten English recipe was a traditional Eccles cake from the eighteenth century. For Ireland we took a look at a lost oyster recipe from the nineteenth century hidden in the archives of the national library. The nineteenth century was also home to the original Snowdonia pudding that we researched for Wales’ forgotten recipe. For the Italians, we took a look at traditional Pollo Alla Cacciatore using seasonal vegetables and for the French we had a look at an easily forgotten take on the classic onion soup.


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