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9 Masterpieces That Will Make You Wish Every Day Was Pancake Day

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Blueberry Pancakes

Few things go better together than Instagram and delicious food. With Pancake Day coming up on February 9th, we had the perfect excuse to sift through 3.9million pancake photos to bring you the most mouthwatering pancake toppings we could find. Here are 9 scrumptious creations to inspire you in advance, so the day doesn't crêpe up on you!

1. Apple Crumble Pancakes

2. Red Velvet Pancakes

3. Tiramisu Crepes

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4. Berrylicious Stacks

A photo posted by @valentinaballerina on

5. Bancakes (That's Banana Pancakes)

A photo posted by Kim ☾☼ ☾ (@siirenomeliie) on

6. Boozy Decadence

A photo posted by Esquire (@esquire) on
See the recipe here

7. Pancake Jenga

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8. Crepes To-Go

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9. So satisfying!

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& BONUS Fluffy Blueberry Pancake Recipe

Get the full recipe here.

Blueberry Pancake RecipeAmerican Style Blueberry PancakesFull recipe: http://nisbets.info/blbrrypncks
Posted by Nisbets Catering Equipment on Wednesday, 27 January 2016


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