Bar Blender vs Food Blender

5:15 pm

 Bar Blender vs Food Blender

One of the most common questions that we get asked here at Nisbets is "what's the difference between a bar blender and a kitchen blender?" At first glance, they look very similar, so what is the difference?

Of course, there are many differences between bar blenders and food blenders (often called kitchen blenders), some more subtle and not as obvious as you may expect.

Drinks or Food?
The main, most obvious difference is that bar blenders can crush ice, prep cocktails and make other drinks such as smoothies, whereas kitchen blenders are designed for foods such as soup and can generally blend hot ingredients.

Front of House or Back of House?
By their name, it's fairly straightforward to assume that bar blenders are used front of house, where as kitchen blenders would traditionally be used in the kitchen. There are some pretty subtle features that make the difference. For example, bar blenders can be purchased with 'quiet' housing, to prevent the sound of the blending process from causing interruption - especially important in intimate, or more quiet venues. On the other hand, kitchen blenders can include programmable blending routines to produce consistent results, essential in any food service establishment.

There are many differences between bar blenders and kitchen blenders. For more, see our comprehensive Buying a Blender guide.

By David Evans


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