What Glass Should you Use for a Gin & Tonic

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Gin & Tonic has become one of the nation’s favourite tipples, yet the recipe for the best Gin & Tonic remains a hotly debated discussion which isn't likely to be answered anytime soon.

One aspect of the G& T, however, relates more to the science of the glass than personal preference of the recipe.

What glass to use for gin and tonic?

A balloon wine glass is perfect for serving Gin & Tonic and for many reasons. Using your favourite recipe in a Hi-ball glass will suffocate the drink and dull the flavours. The wide opening of a wine glass will open up the flavours and use the effervescence of the tonic to release all of the botanicals straight into the nose.
Stemmed Gin Glass

Use Plenty of Ice

Water and dilution is the enemy of a cocktail and this is just as true with a Gin & Tonic. Start with fresh, clear ice to prevent premature melting and use as much as you can fit in the glass. With a tall glass, you can only fit one single column of ice that will quickly melt. On the other hand, a balloon glass will hold far more, ensuring the drink is quickly chilled to temperature. The stem also helps to keep the heat of your hand away from the liquid.
Fast Lime Wedges

So, with a clean glass, healthy ice and your favourite mix, all that is left to do is garnish with lemon or lime and serve.

By Matt England


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