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How to Run a Successful Pub – Choosing the Best Glassware

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Reduce Glass Breakage

Whether you are planning to open your own pub or already own a successful bar and just want to re-affirm your knowledge here are some top tips on glassware to keep customers coming back again and again.

What’s the Best Wine Glass to Use?

Perceived value has to be one of the easiest places to start, and this doesn’t always mean adjusting your prices. Take wine by the glass, for example; spending a little more on your choice of glass can increase the perceived value and offer an increased ROI. Serving wine in a glass that is barely larger than the measure may seem a good idea at the time, but the glass risks appearing crowded and means it may be difficult to move without spilling, ultimately making the drink less enjoyable. Use a glass at least double the volume of the wine you offer to allow your customer to aerate the wine and move the glass with ease. In addition to this, and most importantly, this will help the wine to taste better, increasing the perceived value of the drink and encouraging repeat orders.

How to Sell More Wine

How to Reduce Glass Breakage?

Likewise, a heavy base can make a drink feel like it is providing better value. A thick weighted bottom on a Hi-Ball glass can make a cocktail be perceived as better value and although, once again, you don’t need to adjust your pricing, you will see an increase in return visits and increased turnover on wet sales. Not to mention these glasses are stronger and more durable so you can considerably reduce how often you need to replace your glasses.

Reduce Glass Breakage

What’s the Best Glass for Beer?

Serving a beer with a “good head” is a deciding factor for many beer-drinking customers. If you look after your ale correctly and keep to a line-cleaning schedule with a quality beer line cleaner then all that is left is your glassware. A nucleated glass features an etching on the inside of the glass that will maintain head for far longer than a plain glass; use a branded glass and your pint will have reached its maximum value.
Perfect Pint

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