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6 Top Tips - How to Keep a Fridge Cold

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 6 Top Tips - How to Keep a Fridge Cold

Hot fridge? We've already seen record breaking temperatures throughout the UK this Summer and the weather forecasters are predicting even more sunshine over the coming weeks.  This might be great for business, however even commercial fridges and freezers can struggle in scorching conditions. The question is... how can you keep fridge temperatures down?

Most commercial fridges or freezers will comfortably remain operational in temperatures up to 32°C. Here's some quick and easy steps that you can take to help your fridge or freezer retain it's temperature and prevent food wastage.
 Polar G596 Counter Fridge
Polar G596 Double Door Counter Fridge

1. Don't Turn the Temperature Down

Avoid the temptation of adjusting the thermostat if your fridge is running too hot.  Chances are, if you've set it between 1 and 4 you won't see a noticeable difference if you set it any lower on a hot day. Due to the way fridges work, setting it lower could actually have the opposite effect as internal components have to work harder.
Avoid putting extra strain on the machine by keeping the temperature set between 1°C and 4°C.

2. Keep the Door Closed

The worst culprit for temperature loss is opening the door, so try to keep it shut if you're finding temperatures are rising too high. If your fridge has more than one door, only open the doors that you need.
Only open the door when necessary and don't leave it open for extended periods.

3. Clean the Filters

A quick vacuum or brushing of the filter on a regular basis will help the unit stay in tip-top condition. If you are unsure how to do this, consult the instruction manual or troubleshooting guide of your machine.
Routine filter cleaning is very easy and doesn't need a professional engineer to complete. Simple filter maintenance could be all that is needed for your machine to run at the correct temperature, saving potential call out charges.

4. Create a Fridge Plan

If your fridge is jam-packed full of food or you struggle to close the door, simple re-organisation will help you make better use of the space, as well as help your fridge circulate cool air better .
Give everything a place in the fridge to avoid overfilling the shelves and restricting airflow.

5. Move it!

Moving a fridge or freezer might be an extreme measure, however when temperatures are extreme, temporary solutions may be required.  Sometimes rearranging the kitchen may be worthwhile, as most commercial kitchens have "hot spots", especially near busy cooking equipment like oven ranges and fryers.  Moving the fridge out of the kitchen may be necessary.
Temporarily moving the fridge to a cooler area for peak Summer weeks should be enough to get it through the season.

6. Invest in a Climate Class 5 Fridge

If after reading this you find your fridge is still not quite performing as you'd expect, it may just be that the operating conditions are simply too hot for your unit.  There are specialised units available designed specifically for unusually hot conditions, called "Climate Class 5" or "tropical" fridges. Most fridges sold should indicate their maximum ambient temperature.
Climate class 5 fridges can easily cope with even the hottest of British Summertime.

Foster EP700HPolar U634 Heavy Duty Climate Class 5 Fridge
Foster EP700H Fridge and the Polar U634 Heavy Duty Fridge 
Both suitable for temperatures up to 43°C

To browse the full range of refrigeration, visit www.nisbets.co.uk or for further information about refrigeration, check out our handy Refrigeration Buying Guide.

By Richard Ebbs


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