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Your Printable Guide to Replacing Blue Roll

2:00 pm

Everyday disposable cleaning products such as blue roll are a necessity in all areas of any catering venue and the costs can start to climb when used incorrectly. Our cleaning products are high quality at low prices to help you keep your cafe, restaurant, hotel or pub clean and hygienic - but there are even more ways to save money when it comes to cleaning with blue roll. Removing the core from a centrefeed roll allows it to be used in an economical and paper-saving dispenser that makes each roll last longer, helping you spend less on essential blue roll from Jantex.

As well as our easy-to-follow YouTube video that simply demonstrates how to remove the core from a centrefeed roll, we also have a 3-step guide infographic for you to use, perfect for training staff by printing off and sticking on the wall next to your dispensers.

removing the core from blue roll

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By Oscar Black


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