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5 Essential Spring Cleaning Jobs for DIY Commercial Cleaning

2:42 pm

Spring is finally here and with the pleasant change in weather comes increased custom, as people start dining out more to make the most of the sun, making now the perfect time to spring clean your venue. We've compiled a list of money-saving, easy-to-do DIY tasks you can do to give your cafe, restaurant, bar or even home a radiant clean.

Keeping your furniture looking tip-top is essential for keeping customers happy with your service. Be sure to check for and remove gum on the underside of chairs and tables, and use an antibacterial or multipurpose spray to remove stains and dirt. Use a microfibre cloth to remove dust and bacteria on plastic, metal and wooden furniture and then polish to achieve a shining finish. To clean upholstered furniture, use your vacuum cleaner to get into the cracks and crevices with a soft attachment.

Cleaning floors can be the most labour intensive part of the spring cleaning quest, but can yield the greatest satisfaction when finished. A quality vacuum cleaner will remove the dust and debris from any flooring, from reception carpets to wooden dining room floors. Go the extra mile for your deep spring clean by mopping and buffing laminate and wooden flooring. Finish with a floor polish to achieve a long lasting, high quality polished floor. This extra effort can make a positive impression on guests and help you to create returning customers.

Real light is a great way to bring warmth and space into any room, so grab your bucket, cloth and squeegee and head for your windows. Keeping your windows free from hand marks, dirt and other unwanted extras helps customers to see inside your venue and also let’s warming light in.

Keeping your kitchens clean and hygienic is a daily essential, but the start of spring is a great time to really get into every crevice and corner. Using a steam cleaner is a great, chemical free way to give appliances a thorough clean. Fill your steam cleaner with water and set on a low heat and you’re ready to go; efficiently removing grime, dirt and food stains from almost any appliance. Our range of Karcher products come with a variety of attachments that are perfect for removing stubborn stains in hard to clean corners of appliances, giving them a germ free and clean finish.

As well as kitchens, washrooms and toilets also need to be cleaned regularly to help with general hygiene and to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. However, with busy restaurant, bar and hotel bathrooms in constant use, it can be hard to give your facilities a deep and thorough clean. Use a strong bristled hand brush to clean the grout between tiles, removing any grime and dirt and regrout if needed. Tighten up screws on toilet seats, ensure toilet roll and paper hand towel dispensers are secure and clean, and clean taps and sinks with the washroom cleaner from Jantex, protecting them from bacteria build up and removing soap scum.


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