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Serve Up With Kilner Jars

12:30 pm

Kilner Jars
The modest Jar can be used for so much more than just jam. From desserts and cocktails, to salads and slaw's, jars are fast becoming the presentation tool of choice for professional chefs across the country.

A unique way to serve up food, jars can work with a wide variety of dishes and courses. Not only will they keep food fresh but they will also save you valuable time by allowing you to prepare meals ahead of dinner service.

Storage Solutions
Available in all shapes and sizes Kilner jars have been designed with different features for each style to keep contents as fresh as possible for as long as possible. This is why they are the perfect choice for all kinds of food storage. The larger capacities are ideal for flour, sugar and various other cooking essentials. Made from high quality thick glass they are incredibly durable and their transparent structures allow for quick identification. We stock all shapes and sizes from the 3Ltr clip top, right down to the small 70ml clip top, ideal for keeping herbs and spices fresh.

Decedent Desserts

Preparing desserts in jars is a great way of organising ahead when you know you are going to have a busy dinner service. They require no plating up time, simply serve in the jar for impressive presentation. And the possibilities are endless, create a simple white chocolate Eaton mess or a sharp key lime pie to tantalise the taste buds. Vibrant colours work well and layered desserts will give a striking appearance.

Waste Not Want Not
It can often be very difficult to predict how many orders will come in for each dish and inevitably there will always be waste. But finding ways to recycle this food will help you reduce the amount of food you throw away, saving you money and helping you to turn more of a profit. Jars are a great way to save unused perishables, whether it’s a spiced apple chutney or a blueberry and chia seed jam, once you have made your preserve you have extended its shelf life and created a tasty and impressive addition to another dish.

Food Presentation Added Extras
The smaller capacity jars are ideal for adding a little extra to a plate. All kinds of sauces, chutneys and slaw's will look great jarred next to a juicy gourmet beef burger or some tender crispy chicken. The jars will not only keep contents fresh but will also help with portion control. Terrines and pâtés are another food type that can be prepared in advance to help speed up serving times. The Kilner twist top hexagonal jar is the ideal size for presenting pâté for toast or even homemade jam for cream tea. The slightly larger 110ml capacity jar will suit chunkier mini terrines.

Make your food presentation unique with Nisbets Next Day Catering Supplies.

By Eva Parks


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