Infographic: How to Set Up a Colour Coded Cleaning System

8:50 am

Using colours to code cleaning equipment is important to the continued cleanliness and hygiene of any and all cafes, bars, restaurants and healthcare establishments. We've created an easy to follow guide to help you implement an efficient and simple colour coded system in your workplace.
There are no laws or regulations for commercial catering companies that dictate what colours should be used in which areas, so it's entirely up to you on which colours you assign to each areas, so long as all of your staff are aware of the system you have chosen.

 Nisbets Commercial Catering Cleaning Equipment

We have a massive range of coloured cleaning equipment for every cleaning task, from rubber gloves, buckets and mops to microfibre cloths, dustpans and brooms. Training your staff and storing your cleaning supplies are the final important steps in creating a colour coded system that works for you. The Rubbermaid closet organiser is perfect for making the most of your storage space, allowing you to hang items from walls.

Catering Cleaning Supplies at Nisbets

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By Oscar Black


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