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Outperform Competitors This Valentine’s Day

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valentines day meal

Come the 14th February couples up and down the country will be in search of the ideal location to have a romantic meal for 2. Yes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means competition will be fierce for restaurants. Competitors will be gearing up and getting ready to make their business stand out from the crowd so make sure you don’t get left behind.

Here are some key areas to focus on when organising your business for one of the busiest nights of the year.

champagne One of the most popular drinks orders will be champagne so ensure your flutes and glasses are in good condition and fully stocked. We cover a wide range of unique and unusual shapes from the vintage chic saucers to modern squared designs from Chef and Sommelier.

Keep bottles perfectly chilled and tastefully presented with ice buckets and stands. Choose from a range of elegant shapes, materials and finishes to suit your businesses theme and decor.
plating up
Immaculate presentation is imperative, it’s not just about serving the tastiest dish, if your restaurant itself is not looking up to scratch then your customers will be immediately put off before they even take their first bite. Fresh table linen and napkins will make all the difference and can transform a room if your furniture is looking a little shabby.

Crockery also plays a key part in how you are perceived. Crisp white plates and bowls are ideal when using vibrant sauces and coulis, alternatively if you prefer a more rustic appearance, wooden boards are perfect for steaks and burgers accompanied with wire baskets for home made chunky chips.

rechargeable candle
Setting the mood for a romantic evening is very important and can be easily and achieved with a few candles. Our extensive collection covers a wide range of options including liquid wax candles, pillar, jarred, tapered and flameless. For a cost effective alternative rechargeable tealights can be used time and time again and be left unattended without fire risk.

Finishing Touches
The ultimate intention when serving anyone in your restaurant is to encourage repeat custom. Adding a few extra touches will make your customers’ night that little bit more special and will show that you go to extra effort to impress. Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like flowers and they can be a really cost effective way to add instant colour, enhancing the ambiance and completing the romantic decor. Our range of vases are available in all kinds of styles, materials and shapes, some have even been designed to match your crockery so you can achieve a flawless coordinated look.

Stock up with Nisbets for Valentine’s Day and make sure your restaurant is fully booked this year. 

By Eva Parks


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