Top 10 Essential Cleaning Products

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With the 2 biggest catering events in the year looming, now is the time to prepare your venue for Christmas and New Years , be it a café, bar, hotel or restaurant. We've listed our top 10 essential cleaning products from our extensive range of Jantex cleaning supplies to help you start the New Year shining!

The Jantex Clipex Handle and Jantex Prairie Kentucky Yarn Socket Mop Heads combines together to create a super absorbent and high quality mop that can handle even the largest of spillages. Available in red, yellow, green and blue, the mop heads match together with the Clipex handle to assist in colour coded cleaning, reducing the risk of cross contamination in sensitive areas of your venue.

Safety Signs
Cleaning is a necessary job in any catering and hospitality establishment, but it doesn’t need to be a hindrance to you, your staff or your customers. Our range of free-standing and bright yellow Jantex Safety Signs help you to warn people of hazardous areas, such as wet floors or areas of no entry.

Our wide range of Jantex Buckets come in a variety of colours and sizes, perfect for colour coded cleaning in food preparation areas, toilets and public spaces, allowing you to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

Bin Bags
There is nothing worse than a bin bag splitting open and dropping waste over the floor whilst you carry it out, so finding a strong but affordable solution is key to making waste disposal simple and stress free. The Jantex Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks come in a pack of 200 and are made from recycled polythene, making them a practical and environmentally friendly choice to your waste management.

The Jantex 80 Litre Bin is a strong, durable and practical waste bin, allowing you to reliably dispose of larger and heavier quantities of rubbish. Featuring large handles for easy transport and 3 different lid options, this 80 litre plastic bin is a versatile and strong kitchen bin, ideal for any establishment.

Microfibre Cloths
The Jantex Microfibre Cloth is a synthetic cloth that can be used for cleaning and polishing dining furniture, kitchen appliances, windows and almost any other hard surface. The nonabrasive, ultra fine fibre material allows you to get a thorough clean without leaving marks or wearing down the finish on furniture and appliances.

Available in red, yellow, green and blue, the microfibre cloths can be colour coded to avoid cross contamination in certain areas of your venue, such as toilets, kitchens and public spaces.

Rubber Gloves
Rubber gloves are essential for cleaning with bleach and hot liquids, protecting hands and skin from harsh chemicals and burns. The Jantex Latex Gloves are available in pink, yellow and blue, so you can colour code pairs for cleaning in designated areas of your venue to reduce cross contamination of bacteria, such as toilets, kitchens and public spaces.
Dustpan and Brush
Constructed from durable and hygienic plastic, the Jantex Dustpan and Brush is available in red, yellow, blue and green making it perfect for colour coded cleaning, avoiding cross contamination in areas such as kitchens, toilets, bars and public spaces. The practical design makes for quick and easy cleaning, with its ergonomic design, rubber lip edge and soft bristle brush.
All Purpose Cleaner
The Jantex Multi Purpose Spray contains orange oils which acts as a powerful cleaning agent, removing stains on carpets and hard surfaces such as dining tables, ovens, floors and windows, meaning you can clean almost any area of your establishment without the need for multiple sprays and cleaners.
Having all the essentials is great but you’ll need somewhere to store them all. The Jantex Janitorial Trolley has plenty of storage space and heavy duty wheels, perfect for rolling around any venue to speed up the cleaning process.

By Oscar Black


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