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Top 5 Chefs Tools To Save Time

9:28 am

Chefs Tools To Save Time

Any chef will tell you that there are many essential components and skills that go into being successful within the culinary industry, perhaps one of the most important is time keeping. When you are continually rushed off your feet furiously trying to get orders ready and out in time your kitchen utensils become a major aspect, use the wrong tools and you will end up wasting time unnecessarily, get them right and you can make preparing, cooking and plating food a lot faster. Good kitchen tools are built with the professional chef in mind and should allow the user to make kitchen life easier, quicker and more efficient. There are many tools in our range that are designed to do just this.

Here are our top 5 kitchen tools to save time in the professional kitchen.
Vogue Blow Torch
Blow Torch
Our selection of blow torches can be used for a whole wealth of purposes from rapid finishing to quickly removing skins from vegetables. All feature an automatic ignition and removable stand for easy usage. The extra wide, high power flame will allow you to complete many kitchen tasks in half the time and all can be simply refilled with lighter fuel when empty.
Cream Whipper
Cream Whippers are perfect for large commercial kitchens with a high volume of food orders and are suited to businesses such as restaurants and cafes. This tool will help to reduce your plating time whilst providing equal portions for customers. Whippers are also great for decorating hot drinks such as mochas or hot chocolate. This particular set comes complete with 3 dispensing nozzles allowing you to create a variety of decorative effects with cream or sauces.

Stainless Steel Piston FunnelPiston Funnel
Piston funnels are designed for accurate dispensing of batters, sauces, coulis, gravies and more. They will not only save you time but will also provide equal amounts and  impeccable plate presentation as the valve stops any messy drips. All funnels in our range feature a removable stand for stable operation. Not only great for use with all kinds of sauces, but they are also ideal for making chocolates or any other type of liquid moulding. The tiny nozzles provide the perfect opening to precisely fill small moulds.

                                                                        Oven Liners
Heavy Duty Oven Liner Our heavy duty oven liners make light work of cleaning your ovens. Incredible quality, they are coated in a premium PTFE layer which means they feature a non-stick surface making them easy to remove. Liners will help to protect your ovens surface catching any excess food and grease resulting in reduced cleaning times and a more hygienic environment for food. Simply lift liners out of the oven and soak them in hot water with detergent. The PTFE layer will mean all dirt will lift and then can be easily wiped away.

Disposable Piping Bags
Disposable Piping Bags
Perfect for piping butter cream, pastry or even mashed potato, our large piping bags are designed for heavy duty use. Made from clear polyethylene and featuring a smooth interior for quick and easy application The closed tips allow the user to fill the bag with no mess and to trim the opening to their desired shape and size. Bags can be used with or without a nozzle and the cardboard dispenser allows you to easily release one bag at a time so remaining bags are kept neat and hygienic. This product requires no cleaning up, once you have finished with the bag simply dispose of it in the bin.

By Eva Parks


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