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What is the Best Spice Grinder for you? Informational Video

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It is common knowledge amongst chefs at home and professional caterers alike that pre-ground herbs and spices cannot compare to the intense taste and aroma of herbs and spices that are freshly ground. Finding the right spice grinder for you or your business can however be tricky, particularly if the addition of fresh spices to your dishes is a new and mysterious culinary exploit. Here are a few tips and suggestions on finding the right spices grinder for you.

Originally used for pharmaceutical purposes, the pestle and mortar method of grinding spices has stood the test of time. And for good reason; though they may require a little work, the unique texture and flavours achieved through manual grinding can be compared to little else. The Vogue Pestle and Mortar is the perfect example of a quality spice grinder, capable of continual heavy duty use but which is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and suitable for both the domestic and commercial kitchen.

Spice Grinder
The Waring Spice Grinder is also suitable for use in a variety of culinary settings. Much like a small coffee grinder, the Waring model grinds medium quantities of dry herbs or spices in short bursts. Ideal for homes looking to marinade large quantities of meat and vegetables for a big barbecue or for restaurants aiming to add an intense hit of seasonal spice to their mince pies or homemade-style Christmas puddings. With cleaning any lodged residue being as simple as blitzing a teaspoon of rice and all output being handily collected in the lid/storage box, adding intense flavour to your dishes has never been easier. Click on the video below to see how it works.

Spice Grinder
The Santos Spice Grinder is primarily for use in restaurants which require a high output of freshly ground herbs and spices. Specifically designed to reduce spices to a powder consistency, this heavy duty grinder is ideal for Indian and Chinese restaurants and takeaways that rely heavily on large quantities of well-prepared spices.  With the high price of pre-ground spices twinned with their quality falling drastically short of that produced from the heavy duty Santos Spice Grinder, the investment in this type of food preparation equipment is certain to drastically reduce company expenditure whilst enhancing dishes overall. 


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