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Dick Releases New Active Cut Chef Knives

10:43 am

With the huge range of chefs knives available on the market today, it can be difficult to know where to start. Whether you’re buying your first set of knives, or upgrading your existing collection, selecting the right tools to suit your requirements is crucial.

Active Cut is the brand new range from Friedr. Dick, one of the world foremost manufacturers of professional chefs knives. Exclusive to Nisbets in the UK, this exciting new series has a number of specialist features making them more of a premium than others on the market.

All knives in the range have been forged from high-carbon stainless steel and fitted with a specially designed ergonomic plastic handle that has been connected seamlessly to the tang of the blade. This ensures that there is no place for dirt and bacteria to reside, greatly reducing the risk of cross contamination in the kitchen. For added peace of mind, the range is NSF-certified, ensuring that they conform to the very highest standards of manufacturing and hygiene.

The blades go through a final double-honing process to achieve the sharpest possible finish. Forged to the ideal level of hardness, the cutting edge will hold up over a long period, whilst you will find the blade easy to sharpen when the time comes. The handles are ergonomically designed for your comfort and the non-slip, abrasion-resistant material will allow you to work without fear of the knife slipping from your grip. Finally, the half-bolster gives a perfect weighting and balance in your hand, allowing you to utilise the full length of the blade.

Chefs Knife The range features eight premium quality knives to cover a wealth of cutting tasks in the kitchen:

Dick Active Cut 8” Chefs Knife – The foundation of any knife collection, the Active Cut 8” Chefs Knife will cater for a large array of jobs from heavy duty chopping to finer cutting and mincing utilising the side of the blade.

Dick Active Cut 7”Santoku Knife – A relative newcomer to Western cuisine, the Santoku knife originates from Japan and is a great 'all-rounder' in the kitchen. The specially designed fluted blade creates small air pockets between the knife and the food item, preventing ingredients from sticking to the blade and allowing you to slice faster without interruption.

Utility Knife Dick Active Cut 10” Utility Knife – A versatile tool in any kitchen, the serrated blade makes light work of slicing through softer ingredients such as tomatoes, but will also cut with ease through brittle items such as pastry, avoiding any crushing or ripping of the surface.

Dick Active Cut 8” Slicer – The long, slim blade featured on the Active Cut 8” Slicer is ideal for the smooth carving of cooked meats and roast joints, allowing you to finely slice to maximise portion control.

Dick Active Cut 7” Flexible Fillet Knife – Whether you’re looking to remove whole fillets from delicate fish or extract bones and fillets from poultry, the slim, flexible razor sharp blade of the Active Cut Fillet Knife will help you to complete the task with extreme precision.

Dick Active Cut 6” Flexible Boning Knife – Designed with the tasks of a butcher in mind, this specially shaped, flexible blade will make boning large joints a breeze, whilst also being essential for more intricate work such as removing fat and sinew.
Serrated Bread Knife

Dick Active Cut 3.5” Paring Knife – Another essential piece in a professional chefs collection, the Active Cut Paring Knife with its short, yet extremely sharp blade will handle tasks like peeling and fine cutting
quickly and efficiently.

Dick Active Cut 8” Serrated Bread Knife – A speciality knife, designed specifically for bread and pastries. The serrated blade of the Active Cut Bread Knife will enable you to cut uniform slices from any loaf without squashing or tearing, enhancing presentation and reducing wastage.


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