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Nisbets Helps French Chef to Control his Temper!

12:37 pm

With National chocolate week coming up on the 13th-19th October, it is the perfect opportunity to introduce this indulgent ingredient into a variety of dishes on your menu. Chocolate expert Thierry Dumouchel, offers up his advice and explains how using the right equipment and method, is key to a successful chocolate based dish.

Having trained at the renowned food college in Rouen, France and worked in Paris, London, Sydney and Tokyo before opening his own patisserie, chocolaterie and boulangerie in Leeds, Thierry Dumouchel knows a thing or two about chocolate. As one of only a few ambassadors for both Barry Callebaut and Cointreau, Thierry truly understands what makes this ingredient great.

Offering a delicious range of pastries, cakes, breads and chocolates, Thierry Dumouchel’s outlet in Garforth, Leeds, is a hive of activity, from the customers who unanimously rate it ‘Excellent’ on Tripadviser, to those attending one of the many cookery classes he runs throughout the year, or simply people who travel far and wide to view and taste its full range of delicious fayre, Dumouchel is all about great food and wonderful presentation.

Chocolate is unsurprisingly still Thierry’s greatest love and something of which he talks with such passion:
“Chocolate is a particularly flexible ingredient which is underused in its raw state by many chefs, and which can be seen as frightening to many others. However, when tempered correctly, it is something that can add a special personal touch either added to a dessert or as a sweet in its own right.”

When using the right equipment and with just a little practice, Tempering chocolate can be extremely easy, according to Thierry:
“Tempering chocolate is not actually that difficult and is also fairly quick, especially when using a microwave rather than a Bain Marie. Tempering is about melting chocolate in a particular way to a specific temperature in order for the chocolate to be reformed or moulded in a different shape with a nice shine.”

For Thierry, there are just 5 pieces of equipment that are essential, all of which are relatively cheap:
“The most expensive piece of equipment required is actually something that most chefs will have in the kitchen anyway, and that is a digital microwave such as the Samsung 1850w. To be honest the power of this doesn't really matter, as long as it is digital you can be underway immediately. Secondly you need a plastic bowl, such as those produced by Vogue which are both microwave proof and can deal with high temperatures. In addition you will need a range of inexpensive equipment such as a plastic spatula (again Vogue), piping bags by Thermohauser, a digital thermometer such as the Hygiplas Easytemp, and a decent whisk, either an electric hand held from Dualit, or a KitchenAid K45.”

As Thierry explains, if you want to produce great chocolate then you need to ensure that you use quality throughout:
“When I work with chocolate I always ensure that I use what I believe is the best chocolate, Barry Callebaut, and that I use the best equipment. This is why I always make sure that I visit the Nisbets store in Leeds as often as I can, or failing that, order through the Nisbets Catering Equipment website.

It is not just the equipment with which to make the chocolate that is important for Thierry, but also the equipment with which to display it:
“There are many types of crockery available, but to be honest in many cases you want something that will look great but will not cost the earth. Olympia is always a sensible suggestion as it is long lasting, chip resistant and looks fantastic. The fact that many of the ranges now include a lifetime chip warranty provides you with guaranteed quality. ”

Nisbets are the supplier of choice for Thierry both in his patisserie and his cookery classes:
“I always send customers from our cookery classes to the Nisbets store in Leeds as it gives them the opportunity to touch and feel equipment that is designed to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen. We are starting to see more and more semi-professional customers on our courses and this means that they want equipment that is going to last. And even if they are domestic consumers I still send them to Nisbets, after all why wouldn't you want to use the same equipment that the professionals use!”

And even if Thierry is too busy to get time out of the kitchen to visit the store, he is always confident that Nisbets will deliver next day:
“Nisbets service is both quick and easy. Furthermore we are confident that we will get what we order, meaning that we can plan in advance, or survive those emergency moments.”

So don't hesitate, get all of your equipment from Nisbets now and make sure your business is ready for National Chocolate Week 2014.


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