There’s a buzz around fly killers at Nisbets

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Pests come in all shapes and sizes and with this comes a swarm of issues for catering establishments.

Ants, mice and rats aside, flies are not only a nuisance in the kitchen but a health and safety matter too.

Flies are a carrier and transmitter of many diseases (some serious) including Campylobacter and E. coli so it is essential that these pests are controlled.

Nisbets have a range of fly killers and a chain door fly screen which will help to get the situation under control.

Eazyzap Commercial Fly Killer
The Eazyzap commercial fly killer covers up to 40 square meters from a free-standing or ceiling mounted position. The two UV tubes will simply ‘zap’ the flies which can be disposed of by easily removing the catchment tray. This product certainly does the job, and our customers think so too;

“Just the job” 29th June 2014

“We have had these products before and they are excellent for trapping flying insects” 7th July 2014

“Does what it says on the box! Neat, easy to use, fits easily into kitchen, no problem!” 8th July 2014

The flies will stick to this next product like glue. In fact, the Eazyzap stainless steel glue trap will do just that. This is a brilliant device which catches unwanted pests and flies on glue paper when suspended in the air. Ideal for those establishments that require a silent control of flying pests such as hotels, restaurants and cafes.

And to stop the flies even getting through the door is a chain fly screen. The screen allows air to circulate around the kitchen and is comfortable to walk through too – it’s a winning combination.

To browse the full range visit fly killers.

By Penny Ford


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