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Introducing the smoking gun from Polyscience

9:20 am

BBQ season is finally here and rustic, smoky flavours are being infused into menus across the country.

Smoking food has been around for centuries, but adding theatrics and exotic flavours through smoking has recently become something of a trend, thanks to Michelin starred chefs such as Heston Blumenthal. This clever tool conveniently incorporates 3 important elements- great flavour and interesting presentation, whilst enhancing the appealing allure of scent.

Brought to you by Polyscience, the Smoking Gun has revolutionised a once laborious, messy job into a quick and easy task. With over five decades of experience, Polyscience are leaders in molecular gastronomy equipment that responds to the needs of a range of markets including the culinary industry. Their focus is on quality and to create innovative designs that help with the ease of operations, making mundane chores quick and simple.

The clever hand-held Smoking Gun has no restricting leads and runs from batteries, meaning it’s portable and therefore very versatile. To operate simply load the chamber with your choice of flavoured woodchips, turn on the fan, light with a match or lighter and apply smoke to your desired dishes by pulling back the lever. 

The uses for this product are endless, it's ideal for infusing flavour into anything from fish to chocolate. The kit includes an extender hose which is a great add-on that can be used to permeate food with more intense flavouring using a simple method.

  1. Take your desired ingredient and place it in a jar (Vogue jars are perfect for this as they have an air tight rubberised seal that traps the smoke inside, ensuring nothing escapes) 
  2. Put the hose into the jar and place the lid shut 
  3. Pump in the smoke
  4. Slip the hose out and seal jar with the metal clasp 
  5. The longer you leave your ingredient immersed in the smoke the stronger the taste will be 

Kit includes: Acrylic stand, 18" nozzle extender hose, 4 x AA batteries and 2 x 0.5oz sample jars of Polyscience Hickory and Applewood Smoking sawdust.

Once you have tried your woodchip samples and decided on your favourite flavours you will need to purchase larger quantities. We stock the ever popular traditional hickory wood and applewood chips. Hickory is often described as the ‘King of smoking woods’ and has a strong bacon-like flavour. It tastes great with traditional BBQ meats such as ribs, ham and steak. Applewood is a lot more subtle with a soft, understated fruity flavour, that leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste. This works well with pork and the fruity sweetness compliments desserts and cocktails.

By Eva Parks   


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