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Cater For All At The Commonwealth Games

10:48 am

Sandwich WedgesThe Commonwealth Games (23rd - 3rd August) is steadily approaching and is set to bring together athletes and spectators from all over the world. Whilst many diners will be looking to eat out in cafes and restaurants, many others will be searching for food outlets for quick bites on the go as they travel and explore the UK.

The Takeaways
Available in 375ml, 500ml and 750ml capacities, salad containers are ideal for keeping salads fresh and intact when on the go. The lid is easily secured with a clip action, and won't re-open until auctioned.

Sandwich wedges preserve the freshness and taste of sandwiches whilst keeping them travel friendly too. Available in standard, deep fill and triple fill capacities, these hinged sandwiches boxes are also recyclable!

Suitable for use in microwaves and chillers and available as burger boxes, food boxes are also fully bio-degradable providing an environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional petro-chemical-derived products.

Classic Newspaper-Style Chip Cone
Displayed in the classic newspaper print, these chip cones are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Olympia Ripple Wall Cup
Available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes, the Olympia ripple wall cups provide the high levels of heat retention and protection which your customers will need whilst handling their hot beverage. The unique corrugated insulating ripple wrap ensures that these takeaway cups are comfortable to hold whilst the dome lids will keep drinks at serving temperature and reduces the risk of spillage.

Eating In
Shatterproof Salad BowlsMelamine tableware is the durable alternative to china, and is perfect for displaying hot or cold foods.

The Kristallon salad crocks are available in various shapes and sizes, which are versatile enough to cater for breakfast, lunch and dinner service. Highly robust and shatterproof, this tableware can be used numerous times without staining.

When looking to add a touch of class to your establishment, look no further than our Lumina fine china range. Our truly stunning collection of bone china plates (available in round square and rectangle styles), bowls, dipping dishes, platters, ramekins, cups, mugs and saucers are all constructed from alumina enriched china, giving superior strength to each individual piece.

Buckingham Cutlery Set
And last but not least, this Olympia cutlery set is a perfect example of where quality meets value for money. With a cutlery grade of 18/0, this Buckingham range has been manufactured from a ferritic stainless steel type of material. This, along with its elegant, smooth look and round shaft edges, this cutlery range is certain to add aesthetic appeal to any table setting.


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