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A Sharpening Art From The Dick Red Spirit Collection

12:22 pm

Red Spirit is impressive evidence of inspiration and knowledge.

Designed for uncompromising sharpness, Friedr. Dick have introduced their Red Spirit series to the Nisbets chefs knives.

Meeting the standards of pure design, well thought out function and the highest precision, Dick Knives have combined centuries-old Asian craftsmanship with state-of-the-art German technology.

This premium quality knife is made from high alloyed stainless steel, which has laser tested blades up to 10” to ensure it provides the most precise cut possible.

And the ergonomically shaped round handles offer up a comfortable grip which makes these knives ideal for any number of different cutting tasks.

The choice of colour plays an important role too. In Asian countries such as Mongolia, China and South Korea, red symbolises progress, fortune, prosperity and warmth. In our region, the colour also relates to fire, heat, love and passion – a true concoction for cooking.

With these elements, Friedr. Dick has presented a product combining quality, ergonomics, functionality and precision, to the highest degree.

Since 1778, Dick have been improving and developing their range of knives. Made in Deizisau, Germany, Dick has a worldwide reputation for producing some of the highest quality knives available.

The Dick Red Spirit Chef Knife 8.5”, is the ideal knife for a number of different cutting tasks including cutting vegetables, dicing meat and chopping herbs.

With a tapered blade, the Red Spirit Slicer Knife 8.5” provides the most precise cut possible when slicing meat – before or after cooking.

Dick Red Spirit Santoku Knife
And just to make a point, the Dick Red Spirit Santoku Knife 7” has been awarded third place in the Messer Magazin (German Knife Magazine) ‘Knife of the year’. Selected from a choice of 14 knives, from well known manufacturers, the Santoku Knife is a great choice for a wide range of cutting tasks.

Other knives in the Nisbets chef knives collection includes the Bread Knife 10”, Santoku Fluted 7”, Usuba Knife 7”, Flexible Fillet Knife 7”, Chinese Chopper 7", Paring Knife 3.5” and the Turning Knife 3”.

With cutting edge precision, quality and reliability at hand, these Red Spirit Chefs Knives are a must-have for any professional.

Visit Dick Red Spirit Series for more information and to view the complete collection.

Do you have a favourite Dick knife? Let us know!

By Penny Ford


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