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Britain set for Three Month Heat Wave

10:53 am

vanilla and raspberry ice cream
Following the recent change from gloomy, wet weather to blue cloudless skies, we have started to realise that finally, it is coming.

Something we Brits barely dare to even utter, as if by some peculiar and unlikely chance even speaking it aloud could scare it back from whence it came. But some are brave enough to do it - to say it. Some even go as far as claiming we will have a whole three glorious months of it.

It. What is it?


According to the professionals, this summer we are set to experience a heat wave to put last summer’s to shame. This means that not only will we be seeing an increase in sunburnt faces or catching the scent of some faraway barbecue. This is the one time of year where a day out with the family will not be complete until an ice-cream is bought and a slush puppie is slurped.
twist flavour ice cream
Thankfully, we’ve already thought of this. Just a few days ago we released lines that were set for June in order to aid your cafe, restaurant or even up-and-coming ice cream van prepare for what is sure to be an influx of hot and thirsty customers.

slush puppies

Our range includes a variety of machines, of which includes the Blue Ice Table Top Ice Cream Machine T29. High in quality and capable of a high output, create twin twist flavoured ice creams that adults and children alike will love. Expertly engineered and with microprocessor control, this soft serve ice cream machine can also dispense frozen yoghurt and fruit sorbet.

Another sure best-seller is our Blue Ice TwinCanister Slush Machine ST12X2. Again, it has been expertly engineered with a triple bowl and two separate dispensers. Its range of features and innovative design allows you to offer a wide range of iced drinks such as iced coffees and teas, frapaccinos, and last but not least, slush puppies.

So it seems set to be a long, hot and glorious summer – make sure you are prepared!

By Tamara Cmiljic


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