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Commercial Kitchen Equipment and England's Schools Needing To Improve Kitchen Standards

10:28 am

England's schools needing to improve kitchen standards
More than 2,700 schools in England will need to improve kitchen standards to be able to provide free meals for infant school children it has been announced this morning on the radio and BBC news.

Research has shown that the work needed for these school kitchens ranges from a new micro
wave or dishwasher to a full refurbishment. It also showed that more than 1,700 schools had no kitchen at all. These schools have either hot meals delivered to them by external caterers, or cooked at neighbouring schools and transported in, as many currently do. However, to overcome this issue the Department for Education are providing £150m to improve kitchens and dining facilities, as well as an additional £22.5m specifically to help smaller schools to provide these meals.

A Department for Education spokesman commented: “School lunches for all infant children will save parents money, improve children’s education and make sure more children eat a healthy and nutritious meal at least once a day.”

Cleanliness, efficiency and being able to provide for a large volume of pupils are the necessary considerations to think about when looking at full kitchen refurbishment, as well as when improving the general standard of a kitchen. We’d like to give you a few recommendations to help you know what to look for when kitting out your kitchen.

To help with cleanliness and hygiene it’s worthwhile investing in sturdy stainless steel tables which will create a large surface area for preparing food. These are also very quick and easy to keep clean; making sure your kitchen is kept spotless so it abides by the health and safety standards.

For efficiency and smooth running of the kitchen, especially in schools, clearing and racking trolleys are a great way of collecting a large volume of used trays and cutlery, featuring castors for easy manoeuvring too and from the kitchen.

Keeping on top of the volumes of food that has to be produced to feed a large number of mouths is essential, and so purchasing kitchen equipment which can keep up with this high output is key. Rice cookers are especially good at producing large amounts of food, and are one of many much needed products in a busy school kitchen.

Under the scheme, all reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children in state funded schools in England will be entitled to free school meals from September.

By Charlotte Le Lohé


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