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Our bestselling Dynamix MX050 Stick Blender

10:15 am

Its bright orange exterior is suggestive of a heavy duty, high output and highly robust piece of equipment – and rightly so! The same company that manufactures the Dynamix range’s iconic outer shell are the same company that produce road traffic cones. And cones that are durable enough to withstand all kinds of unpredictable British weather are certain to withstand the hectic conditions of any busy commercial kitchen. This, along with their blades being produced by a company that also manufactures dental equipment and motors from a company that constructs motor boat engines, ensures Dynamic Dynamix mixers are definitely up to the job!

Proud commercial food service equipment specialists since 1964, Dynamic are the proud inventor, creator and manufacturer of the Hand Held Mixer (or Stick Blender) and the Salad Spinner. Their popularity amongst commercial and professional chefs and kitchen staff is stronger than ever before thanks to the reliability, performance and continuous quality of their kitchen appliances.

Their range varies from a wide selection of mixers to vegetable cutters and chippers, but it is the Dynamix Stick Blender MX050 that flies off our shelves, month in and month out. This semi-commercial, compact mixer is incredibly lightweight, has a 4 blade emulsifying knife designed to quickly blend a range of soups, sauces and purees, with the capability to blitz through up to 4 litres in one sitting.

The advantages that a Stick Blender such as the Dynamix MX050 can offer within the commercial kitchen is unparalleled by any other kitchen utensil or appliance. They have the ability to perform almost to the same standard of a food processor or regular stand blender, but with the added convenience of versatility. The Dynamix MX050 is not as limited in how much food or liquid it can process in one sitting; a great attribute when considering the amount of transferring and cleaning that comes with making large batches in a normal blender. Comparing this too to the cleaning of stick blenders being as easy as running them in a cup of soapy water or simply detaching the shaft for a quick scrub, it is clear to see why so many professional chefs swear by them.

So if you are looking to introduce a whole new range of exciting dips and salsas to your starter or side menu, or want to put a modern twist on an old classic fish and chips dinner by introducing a velvety pea puree, the Dynamix MX050 and its great range of accessories is the ideal stick blender for you.

By Tamara Cmiljic


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