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KitchenAid Commercial Mixer Trade-In Promotion

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Does your old KitchenAid Mixer resemble that of the 1930’s “Kaidette” model? Have you been watching the Great British Bake Off and been consumed by jealousy - not by the talent or creativity demonstrated by the contestants, but by the brand new KitchenAid Mixer’s sitting smugly on everyone’s worktop? Is your culinary business expanding, leaving demand for your baked delights high but your current mixer causing efficiency to be low? Then look no further – from the 28th February, Nisbets is launching its Commercial Mixer Trade-In. This mean you could save up to £150 when you trade in any old mixer for a new KitchenAid Heavy Duty or Professional Mixer.

The Heavy Duty Mixer comes in three different colours and is renowned for being KitchenAid’s quietest mixer. It comes with a huge range of useful features, some of which include its 6.9Ltr stainless steel J handle bowl which allows for additional control when dealing with heavy loads. It also comes with a pouring shield, ensuring precision when adding ingredients and its versatile power hub fits a vast range of attachments, such as the stainless steel whisk and nylon coated beater and dough hook already included within this promotion. Its smooth and rounded bowl-lift design with lift lever means that it is effortless to operate, whilst its heavy duty motor with direct drive transmission means this mixer can process vast amounts of food at a single time, examples include 19 egg whites, 1.9Ltr whipped cream and 4.5kg cake mix – that’s a lot of cake!

The KitchenAid Professional Mixer has almost the same foundation as the Heavy Duty Mixer but with, as the name suggests, additional professional features. It has the same capacity Stainless Steel bowl with the capability of processing the same quantity of food. This, coupled with its additional wire guard and stop safety switch, reflects its capability of working safely in the presence of children or whilst unattended – a very useful feature in what can sometimes be a manic kitchen! Its design also makes light work of cleaning, while the Stainless Steel wire whisk, Dough hook and Flat Beater that are already included are all dishwasher safe.

Both models are currently very high in demand, and it is plain to see why - their solid metal body with baked-on enamel coating means these KitchenAid models are one of the most durable mixers to date. Their motor’s direct drive transmission is also testimony to their top quality engineering. This is because their direct drive motion does not use the pulley system (similar to the fan belt of a car) that most domestic and commercial mixers use. This means that there is less chance of components wearing out, and also explains why their 325 and 500 wattage doesn’t sound very high, especially in comparison to, say, Kenwood’s 1 Kilowatt model. Their well-engineered motor means that the power that is fed from your electricity supply is used in the most efficient way possible. So, in the same way that you fill your car with fuel, it is not how much fuel your car can take, it is how efficiently it uses that fuel that proves the quality of the car.

So, if your kitchen’s mixer is vital to your culinary business, and you fear that it is on its last legs, why not trade it in? With Nisbets it couldn’t be easier – you simply place your order by visiting the Nisbets website, making sure to quote the special code of your desired model. Your brand new KitchenAid Mixer will then be delivered the next day, whilst your old packaged mixer will be collected, recycled and gone forever, never to darken your kitchen again!

But just as all good things come to an end, this promotion is only available for a limited time. So don’t hesitate!

By Tamara Cmiljic


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