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ChefWorks clothing is a recipe for comfort and style. Working in a busy, hot environment can take the passion of cooking away as you reach melting point.

ChefWorks is a brand which understands the pressures of cooking. By adding the simple ingredients, that is practical and stylish clothing, you are taken off the heat.

Wearing the right type of clothing in the catering industry is paramount when trying to keep cool.
montreal basic cool vent jacket
Cool technology
Using an award winning fabric technology, ChefWorks have integrated cool vent technology into their chef’s jackets.

This cool vent technology:
- Wicks heat and moisture away from the skin
- Allows cool air back through to the body
- Encourages evaporation
- Cool and comfortable

One jacket which is designed using cool vent is the Montreal Basic Cool Vent Jacket which has two way fabrics across the back and shoulders to allow heat and moisture to move away from the body and cool air to filter in.

verona ladies chef coatThe contemporary and tailored Verona Ladies Chef Coat is stylish and feminine, as well as functional. With built in Cool Vent panels under the arms and back sleeves, it helps regulate body temperature to keep you cooler in the kitchen. The white and grey panels on this example, exudes a quality and fitting finish.

executive chef coat
And for the more senior positions in the kitchen, we have the Executive Chef Coat (short sleeved). This design has a cool vent back panel running across the shoulders and upper back.

Having looked into the technology of the jackets, it is important to pay attention to the material used – this is what makes up the fundamental construction after all. The materials used are of the finest quality which combines practicality with style. Did you know that the material of a jacket is an indication of job level?
The majority of the ChefWorks jackets are made from using polycotton material. This is usually follows the ratio of 65/35 poly/cotton. The benefits of using this material is that it launders well, any creases drop out, and it is durable and strong.

ChefWorks uses a high quality thread for stitching and the stitches alone are of high quality too. Short stitches ensure that the seams won’t come undone and bar-tacking (a double stitch) strengthens the overall construction of the jacket. This is consistent across the ChefWorks range.

colour 3/4 length sleeved jacketColour by ChefWorks
The introduction of Colour by ChefWorks has revolutionised the chef uniform.
The mix and match abilities has bought a fresh, new look to the table for chefs. With 7 vibrant colours available, these quality chefs’ jackets can be matched to chef trousers and head wear.

This berry coloured 3/4 length sleeved jacket (left) is for men and women. The double breasted jacket with cloth buttons features a left chest patch pocket and thermometer pocket on the right sleeve.

The quality of all ChefWorks products are closely monitored at the manufacturing level. Material is dyed in bulk to ensure that the colours remain consistent. This means that if dyed material manufactured in Central America was matched to the material India, then they would display the same level of vibrancy.

At Nisbets, you can create your own look through embroidery and screen printing. In product personalisation, found towards the bottom of relevant pages, letters, flags and logos can be embroidered onto the garment. This option can be added to any part of the jacket and other clothing categories.

For other branded chefs clothing, take a look at our website.

By Penny Ford


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