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Nisbets Product of the Week - Samsung Microwaves

8:49 am

My pick for Nisbets product of the week has to be these Samsung microwaves.

It is an interesting fact that microwave ovens were discovered accidentally, when in the 1940s after World War II, a self taught engineer called Percy Spencer was building radar equipment in a lab for Raytheon and soon realised that a chocolate bar he had in his pocket was starting to melt. During this time he was building magnetrons and realised that if the microwaves were directed at food it would heat it up rapidly. He tested this idea by popping popcorn and exploding an egg - well what a gem of a machine it's turned out to be!

Nowadays, a microwave seems to be a permanent fixture in most homes, office break out areas, schools, hospital wards, cafes and restaurants and has been heating frozen foods and leftovers, as well as more elaborate meals for decades. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of cafes and small restaurants these days cook all their meals through this device, not only to help save energy but allowing them to cope with small square footages in space-constrained kitchens. It really shows off the true versatility of what a microwave can do.

Our lighter duty Samsung microwave ovens (CB937) and (CB936) are perfect for these cafes and smaller restaurants where robustness, reliability and energy efficiency is paramount. Designed to be easy to use and featuring a ceramic coating to the microwaves floor, it makes it very quick and simple to clean.

Depending on what you prefer you can choose from programmable or manual, the manual features two dials for power and time, as well as five power settings and a timer range giving the operator complete control of the cooking process. Similarly the programmable model has a touch pad instead of dials.

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By Charlotte Le Lohé


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